How to Second Life 2 – Kossack Fullstop at Orientation Island.

Well, I spent the morning before Little Loner woke up walking around Orientation Island on Second Life, completing tutorials, and happily taking snapshots. Well, snapshots are disabled on Orientation Island, and I was too sleepy to notice, so there went my morning.

Still, thanks to the screenshot utility in Ubuntu Linux, I can show you  how to log in to SL, and the first four tutorials on Orientation Island – the required ones.

Again, if you’re not interested in Second Life and/or think it’s a waste of time, don’t bother telling us – this diary is a response to requests for help from the community having trouble with Second Life, so I’m not going to bother trying to sell it.

Oh, and lots of pictures below the flip. You have been warned.

Join me below the flip for links and what your first login to Second Life will look like.


Second Life

Second Life Client Downloads

Kossack Fullstop Part 1

Natalia Zelmanov’s Guide to Getting Started in SL.

Okay, last time you made your account on the Second Life website and downloaded and installed the client for your operating system. Today we’re going to fire up your client for the first time, log in to Second Life, discuss the interface, and talk about the four tutorials that Second Life requires you to complete before you can leave Orientation Island.

When you fire up the client for the first time, you’ll be looking at something a lot like this picture – and realizing why I told you to write your avatar name and password down last time.


Don’t panic if you don’t see the “Start Location” field.  I enabled that in Preferences.

If you’re just joining us – the “New Account” button will take you to the website to make an account,. The “Preferences” button deals with the graphics, audio, video, and miscellaneous settings for your Second Life client. “Quit” exits the client.

Enter your avatar’s name and your password and click “Connect”

Next, you’ll see the Terms and Conditions:

Read carefully. Contents may settle during shipment.  Void where prohibited by law.

Read them carefully, and click “Agree” and continue if you agree. If you don’t…well, it’s been fun.

Then, finally, finally – you will see Orientation Island and your avatar standing in the center of the screen – you’re in-world. Welcome to Second Life!

It's alive! IIIT's ALIIIIIIIIVE!!!

Okay, let’s talk about what you’re seeing – in the upper left corner a guide will appear, with instructions on how to go about completing the tutorials. Along the top are the various menus – File, Edit, View, World, Tools, and Help. (Client and Server are optional menus). Next to that, a few icons telling you if pushing, building, scripts, voice, and damage are enabled – we’ll deal with those later. Next to that, a title bar tells you where you are.

In the upper right corner I have the Mini-Map turned on (if ou look at the buttons on the bottom, you’ll see Mini Map lit), and under that I have the Camera Controls enabled – the option for that is in the View menu.

On the bottom, you see the volume slider on the right, and below that the History button, text entry box, Say and Shout buttons, and Gestures selection. That toolbar comes up when you click the Chat button – notice how that’s lit too. The bottom row is the Communicate, Chat, Fly, Snapshot, Search, Build, Mini-Map, Map, and Inventory buttons. Most of these are dealt with in the tutorials.

You can see in the mail window that the first tutorial has started – my task is, using the  arrow keys, to move my avatar to the target on the ground. Ooooo.

Assuming this mighty task is successful, we are given the option to continue with the Move tutorials or to take the other required ones. Although I’m only covering the required tutorials in this diary, I STRONGLY URGE you to explore Orientation Island and complete all of the optional tutorials as well.

That said, let’s move on to the next screenshot.

What mind-boggling task awaits us next?

For Search, you are required to open the Map and find your location on it. Not to give away the plot, but the “Map” button on the bottom row might have something to do with that.

Let’s give that a try…


And there I am on the map. Thanks to my crappy laptop, that’s all there is on the map.

Next, we go to the Communicate tutorial. Let’s have a look at our mission there.

Let me guess. It was something I said.

We need to click the “Chat” button on the bottom, which will open the text box I helpfully have closed for this screenshot.

Text is still the major way to communicate in Second Life – although if you have a USB headset with your system, you can talk with other residents in voice-enabled areas. I don’t have one, so we’ll just have to go over that when I do.

Finally, we’ll go over to the Appearance tutorial:

Grappling with inventory. Oh, we've been waiting for this.

This is one of the things you’ll be doing the most often – everything you acquire in-world will wind up somewhere in your inventory. Let’s have a look at what the famous Inventory window looks like.

The horror...Good God, the - hey, that's not too bad.

Those are the four required tutorials – once you complete those you’ll get the key in your guide that you can see in mine. Clicking on that key will kick you out of Orientation Island and into Second Life proper, so don’t unless you are sure you’re done here.

This should let you know what Herculean tasks await you once you fire up Second Life. Where we go from next is up to you – Kossack Fullstop is still on Orientation Island, so we can go to the optional tutorials, or we can go into Second Life proper. See the poll to vote.

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  1. God, that “SLeetle” in the Move tutorial gets uglier the more I look at it.

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