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  1. I think this might work…..

    • SallyCat on September 15, 2007 at 6:28 am

    I’ve got some huge files I can send across the internets that are totally useless to anyone! When would we want to do this and how do we do it without the NSA having a hissy fit?

    • YetiMonk on September 15, 2007 at 6:33 am

    that’s not useful at all.

  2. how would you plan to organize it?  im not particularly good at that sort of thing…what would ‘help’ involve?

  3. Would be to have a huge publicity campaign for it.

    Like King and Ghandi publicized their marches and actions.

    Which is of course…what you are doing by announcing here!

    The Peace/antiwar movie is a great thought.

    The other problem I see….Is that a LARGE part of any demonstration is the threat behind it. Riots etc.

    By doing this you are threatening to shut down the net, in effect. That is the threat they will take from it. at least.I will have to think that through. As well as other consequences.

    Initially it strikes me as more of an underground action.

    But it is a good option to know we have!

  4. I come from a family of union organizers…
    my grandfather had freinds killed because they tried to organize the saw mills in northern idaho…
    I will not hide in my home and tremble because someone may object to my thirst for life and freedom…
    I will not wait for the web of life to unravel….
    we are out of time…

    the time for caution is gone….

    we must act if the grandchildren to have any futur at all….

    what does it profit a person to be safe while the world dies….

    besides I belong as much as anyone trust me on that….

    and you are not to say…

    others perhaps…

    what I am looking for is discussion not argumentation….

    if you wish to discuss do so..
    if not leave the thread please…

  5. for those who are interested I will be back on in the evening pdt i.e. about 6 or 7 west coast time…

    I look forward to thinking about how to get this out and to whom to begin to approach to spread the word and perhaps get this supported by some large peace/action groups….

    be well…
    be peacefull…
    do no harm…

    non compliance, resitance is not harm…

    it is essential…

  6. there can be no peace without justice….
    there can be no justice without equity…
    there can be no equity without action….
    with action there is always friction….
    bring your warm heart and courage the world needs you……

    now……not latter…..

  7. I have the impression that a large public action could have a very noticeable effect without harming anyone per se
    there is a line in there somewhere
    yet it is our commons regardless
    I am aware of net net neutrality
    I am of a diferent perssuasion tho…
    but public
    cooperative and mass
    are the parameters

    a speed bump
    an inconvience……
    a vote
    an expression
    in our own commons
    I don’t think net neutrality fears do much for me

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