Open Thread and Hurricane Watch

Howdy all!

After a seven hour drive through 100 degree heat and a Biiiiiiig stretch of pretty baren fucking desert  am now in my new home in on the western side of Baja! Its a nice little bungalow with mango trees etc in backyard. But no electricity (supposed to be hooked up today, but my motto down here is Forget it Jake, It’s Mexico) the Satellite guy who will be hooking me up seems to think the little Cat 1 Hurricane headed towards us might delay my hookup see lower left and here.

I have found an internet cafe three blocks from my house….the only bummer being that it is in the opposite direction from the great taco place three blocks from my house….life is tough! Even though I don’t now when I will really be back on, I will check in with updates every day…and hopefully we can launch soon. I probably won’t have time to monitor the site thoroughly but I will keep an eye on my threads and you can always mail me!

Talk to you soon….Hasta Luego!

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  1. whatever that means.

    whilst we were chilling, my kids found a show on mtv3 about juanes, and his foundation that provides prosthetics for children.  ‘nada valgo sin tu amor’ always reminds me of when my daughter took a 3-hour bus trip to see juanes at madison square garden and called and held up her cell phone so her sister and i could hear the song….

    and ‘volverte a ver’, just ’cause i love the song….

    the fact that he’s painfully hot doesnt hurt either….

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