Pony Party… hey this is an OPEN THREAD

It’s Sunday… almost, anyway. But I’m not actually here here, as you read this. I’m setting this to auto-publish at 9am and, because I plan to lie in as my dutchman says, it’ll only seem like i’m here, which of course i’m not.

And because it’s an open thread, I don’t actually need to be here with you.

But YOU need to be here.

btw, did you know that Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts? is that true? can anyone verify that?

what was your favorite toy growing up, anyway? we had a sand pile that was turned out as the USS Enterprise or we made it into a whole town, with mountain roads, rock houses, twig trees…loved the sand pile.

also a big game player… any board game and loved chess, but very impatient player and always my downfall.

okay, y’all, i’ll check in on you later.

talk… play… be excellent to one another


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    • melvin on September 9, 2007 at 3:07 pm
  1. section (don’t want to call it the “diary section” as these aren’t called “diaries”) is a good idea.

    Anything to keep the main essay section more magaziney than DailyKos is good with me. 

    One other thing: We need a policy on “call-out titles” and “call-out essays”.

    DailyKos’s policy is incoherent: You can’t put registered users names in titles — except when you can.  If they are famous, then you can, for example.  If they are politicians, then you can — even though the actual policy is that you can’t, no exceptions.

    I get into squabbles about this.  Someone will call-out Mike Stark and say “he’s famous”.  Hell, I’d even say Feingold shouldn’t be in a title.  The rules at Kos do not have explicit exceptions.

    We need to decide what the policy here is. In increasing order of permissiveness:

    (1) No user names in titles.  Period.

    (2) No non-editor user names in titles. 

    (3) No non-editor user names in titles, except for “famous” (in an unspecified sense) user’s names.

    (4) User names in titles are acceptable, provided the essay is not-crtitical.

    (5) User names are permissible in titles.

    Naturally one wants to start at (5) and move up the list reluctantly.  Any policy is fine with me as long as we have one.

    • melvin on September 9, 2007 at 4:38 pm

    Your text goes here. You can continue to type.




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