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You know, I only have so much material. To be entertaining that is. You know how I found this out? Babysitting my nephew. When he was around 3-years-old. A three-year-old knows everything and everything they know is correct. Did you know that? It’s true.

But I am limited and finite. And so was my ability to sing songs, play with blocks, talk funny, and make up stories. It was humbling, I have to admit, to know I could only go toe-to-toe with a toddler for about an hour and a half… at most.


The kid did teach me some things, though. He helped me to forget being a grown up when I was with him. He helped me to remember lots of kid stuff in general… songs i used to sing and books i used to love. And he gave me something hard to explain: the understanding that giving is a completing act.

Love that kid and his brother… the baby of our family will be my next story… what are your babysitting stories???

here he is:Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketgo ahead, talk, play, and be excellent to one another…



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    • pfiore8 on September 9, 2007 at 5:23 pm

    thought i hit the auto publish for noon… so you get your open thread early…

    oh well…

  1. he told me he built a karate station, but ninjas werent allowed to do karate there (i ALWAYS ask whether there were ninjas when im talking to young children). 

    then he told me he plays a black guitar with a lightning bolt on it, in a rock band called ‘the volcanoes’.  they do NOT play the volcano song, however, so please dont suggest it.  they have robot janitors who clean up after the show, that do NOT have lightning bolts on their mops.  THAT would be silly.

    his big brother is on the same cross-country team as my daughter, and he likes to pal around with me at practices and meets.  his parents keep apologizing for him; i cant seem to make them understand how much i enjoy chilling with this little guy…he’s so perfect you just cant even imagine!!!

    i only have one nephew and one niece…the nephew is a year younger than my youngest daughter, and he is horrible to her.  he reminds me a lot of my brother at that age, and we ended up not speaking to each other for over 10 years…so….maybe a few years down the road

    my niece is only 18 months old, but she and i already have a couple of schemes cooked up for when she’s old enough…

    • Robyn on September 9, 2007 at 6:39 pm
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    Muse in the Morning

    …but the plan would be to post it and the graphic above the fold and post my art/poem on the inside, along with an invitation to have people post their own creations.


  2. with the rollout pushed back, ive largely pared down my concept of live-blogging the petraeus hearings.  im willing to put up an essay and TRY in the comments to keep up with the content for the benefit of those who arent able to watch…

    …and i would love if others would jump in from time to time with summary or analysis…

    …but i’m just going to go with the nuts ‘n bolts.  and i still havent figured out what time and what channel its on…and i cant find anything about it at all for monday, only tuesday…


    • melvin on September 9, 2007 at 7:23 pm

    What say we boot her on up to the rec list?

  3. I tried to edit my essay a couple of times, and each time I received an error message and was shown to the home page door.  Is there a problem with the edit feature, or is the problem with something I’m trying to do incorrectly?

  4. If the bit at the very end of an essay, as in:

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    were in a colored/shaded bar, it would help the feeble human eye and brain separate it from the comment section.

    Make sense? Am I being stroppy to suggest things like this?

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