saturday evening poetry and whatnot diary

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Good evening all.

It is a warm Saturday evening here in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

I am liking the look of this community so far, very promising indeed.

In the spirit of sharing and creativity, I thought I would share a few of the things (poems and whatnot) that I have done lately.

I would love to hear your thoughts and if you, the reader, could share some of your own works.

Or, even if you want to share a youtube video that caught your attention recently, it’s all good.

Here is a poem and video written and filmed last saturday…

thirty seconds

it takes thirty seconds
to microwave a hot dog
thirty seconds
and a head crowns
sending life giving air
into new-born lungs
thirty seconds
and a despondent hand
pulls a triggers
ending time
thirty seconds
and the last sip is taken
before hitting the road
blurry eyed
behind the wheel
thirty seconds
and ecstasy is reached
and climax is gone
leaving tired bodies
together as one
thirty seconds
and the channel
is changed five times
in a wheel of vacuous
thirty seconds
and the timer goes off
beep beep beep
thirty seconds
and the world
keeps turning.

here is another poem, a love poem if you will, written a few weeks ago…

love poem

I love that little “fizst”
sound it makes when I
twist the cap
I love that sweet kiss
of high fructose corn syrup
as it crosses my lips
I can almost taste the
and it tastes like
the loving embrace of
I love the carton of milk
in my fridge
brought to me by a
pumped up on hormones
that will someday
make my children
seven feet tall
I love the taste of beef
crossing my lips
with an aftertaste
of penicillin
or something of its
I love the sweet aftertaste
of saccharine
as they poison
my insides
I love the taste of
all these things
wonders of science
wonders of anti-nature
they taste like
they taste like
they taste like

and finally, here are a few videos I have made, combining music (if you can call it that) and video editing.

this moment of freedom





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  1. from one of the most talented artists of our day — philinthecircle…

    • Robyn on September 9, 2007 at 4:11 am

    On Monday, I’m planning to sneak in a front page feature called Muses in the Morning in which people will be encouraged to post what their own muse inspires them to create/share.

    It could very well be daily.

  2. Welcome to the Front page.

  3. need raking soon.  Since I didn’t feel like raking, I wrote a poem.  Poems don’t cause blisters on your thumbs.

    Flights of geese
      that cackle
    move above the
      falling leaves.

    They crackle
      and hiss across
    the wind’s
      direction then

    lay below the
      silvered light
    from the silent

    • OPOL on September 9, 2007 at 5:47 am


    I think of a million ancient tears, and how they ride,
    Just beneath the surface of my leathery hard and horny hide.

    We all just floating through here folks,
    We all just floating thru.

    Nobody told him there’d be daze like these,
    Nobody told him there would be days.

    I hear these old songs in my head,
    I said.

    Somebody should have said something,
    I believe.

    What difference do you reckon it would have made,
    My friend?
    What difference do you reckon it would have made?

    I was floating near the outer edge of the Great Magellanic Cloud,
    When I fell over backwards into a dreamtime sequence,
    Running at double-speed in reverse,
    Inside my own foolish head.

    I lived my whole life all over again,
    Quickly and for the first time.
    Every sensation, every thought, every dream,
    Different, familiar, and new.

    And then again-very quickly,
    I lived your lives.
    All of them.
    All at once.

    In a blinding flash of highly compressed history,
    All of humankind-in all of its mystery,
    Dancing backwards among angels on the heads of pins.
    Only chaos theory, quantum mechanics, and special relativity,
    Could possibly ever explain it all.

    There ARE explanations,
    I believe.
    But they’re complicated.

    Nothing is really ever simple in this world.
    Nothing is simple,
    Or easy here.

    ~ OPOL

    • melvin on September 9, 2007 at 5:52 am

    In case anyone needs a soundtrack for the rest of Saturday night’s blog reading, here’s my default station.

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