The Dollar Got It’s Ass Kicked Overnight — Pluto Gets Rich

The dollar is got pummeled against all major currencies today.  It’s a dangerous time for the greenback because it has plunged below its all-time lows (set back in 1992).  Often major breaks below key levels can lead to a whole new wave of selling. I’m seeing that start to play out against the dollar today. It’s going to get very ugly for the dollar before it gets better.

This is fabulous news for YOU!

Remember when Marty McFly got his hands on that sports almanac, and took it back to the past? That cleap little almanac became the most valuable item on the face of the planet — because the person who possessed it knew how reality was going to unfold — and could wager on it.

It was a sure thing! And so is the dollar (for the next 6 to 18 months) — as long as you bet against America you can be a millionaire lickity split. I’ll show you one way I’m doing it, below the fold.

Before I begin, let me tell you about another sweet bonus I experience doing what I am doing. Like most of you, I am infuriated that the Military Industrial Corporations, who are our overlords, are getting billions and billions of dollars next month (for its shareholders) and there is nothing the people or the congress can do about it. (You know in your heart that’s what going to happen.) If you’re interested in learning more about the stock market so you could become one of these shareholders in the future, consider reading articles at websites similar to Learn To Trade. I hear they have some useful information on the topic to help would-be investors get started.

My sweet bonus is that I channel my fury into riches by investing cynically right along side our nation’s corporate owners. It makes me feel better. It also makes me feel better because the Republican moron voters can’t bring themselves to do what what I do — because you have to hate America to do it. They have an ideological conflict that fries their wetware motherboards. This makes me unreasonably happy, as well.

I use many methods to get rich from the destruction of the United States economy. All of them have to do with currency trading of various forms and risks:

Low Risk — U.S. Bank Certificates of deposit denominated in various currencies.