The Truth About Iran Is . . . That The Road To War With Tehran Runs Through Baghdad

In a very fine post, Turkana concludes:

The truth about Iran is that the same people who gave us the Iraq War would love to give us an Iran War. . . . The truth about Iran is that we can’t trust our government, our military, their government, or the corporate media to tell us the whole truth. . . . We might start bombing Iran tomorrow. We might not ever bomb them.

The truth about Iran is that we need to keep our minds clear as we try to do whatever we can to prevent another immoral, illegal, and disastrous war. Be skeptical. Research. Know your sources. Agitate for peace.

(Emphasis supplied.) I submit that the way to avoid war with Iran is to end the Debacle in Iraq. Previously I wrote:

The chance of Congress authorizing military action against Iran is zero. Zilch. None. Bush will not even consider asking for it. Everyone must know this. How could they not? The ONLY reason Bush can even contemplate action against Iran is – surprise – BECAUSE WE ARE IN IRAQ! You want to stop military action against Iran? Then work like hell to get us out of Iraq.


pfiore wrote:

It might be helpful if we did more than just react to all the information flooding our brains every day. We need to sift through the data and assertions and predictions. We need to ask ourselves if what we are reading really makes sense.

There is too much at stake to rely entirely on emotional reactions driving our decision making. We all need to slow it down a notch. It’s difficult because it’s so easy to experience a constant low-level of anxiety about what is happening all around us… we feel out-of-control and all we have, sometimes, is our anger.

Very true. I submit that those who are rightly concerned that Dick Cheney wishes to provoke a military confrontation with Iran consider precisely the only true means at his disposal – the Iraq Debacle. You see it in every story written by  Michael Gordon of the Times – the Iranians and their IEDs, the Iranians and their training of Shiite militia (forget the fact that these same militia are supported by the IRAQI government), the Iranians and their Iraqi ambitions, etc.

Watch Petraeus and Crocker. Watch the leading questions from Republican lawmakers. You will see clearly that the road to military conflict with Iran runs through the Iraq Debacle. I implore Democrats and progressives to keep their focus on the real threat – the unending Debacle. That is what can lead us to conflict with Iran, Syria and the conflagration we all so rightly fear.


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    • pfiore8 on September 3, 2007 at 5:43 pm

    my first recommended diary at dKos
    being on that rec list with Turkana!!!
    incredible commentary from posters
    and Armando quoting me in his piece (wow!)

    and, to top it off, i’m picking up my nephew to have some time for his birthday… a little shopping and some book-buying

    today is a good day

    so FUCK YOU George Bush… today is mine.

  1. I dislike most that what seems to be this administrations existing goal for Iran is also within its reasonable reach.  They only want to decimate Iran’s military strength and capabilities.  They have no other goals and they have all the bombs they need to do this.  The only thing they need now is a good enough reason and they will bomb one of the most pro American general populations in the M.E. into the stoneage.

    • melvin on September 3, 2007 at 5:56 pm

    All part of the momentum that propels the one war machine forward. One and the same.

    But ginned up as a whole series of new threats, a brand new front in the WOT. Talk about the same old! Just throw a few new accusation out every day, amplify through the media outlets, and regardless of the falsity of 99% some will stick.

    • srkp23 on September 3, 2007 at 7:53 pm

    Couldn’t agree more.

    • Turkana on September 3, 2007 at 9:09 pm


    • pico on September 3, 2007 at 9:36 pm

    is obvious to a bunch of bloggers without high level security clearances, it forces us to ask why so many Democrats have been avoiding decisive action on Iraq.  Are they hoping we’ll get sucked into Iran (suicidal)?  Are they too short-sighted to see it (denial)?  Are they so concerned about reelection that they’re willing to drag us into the most destructive foreign policy path since the founding of this country (selfish)? 

    None of those looks particularly flattering, eh?

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