What Did You Expect?

That’s the question one must ask concerning certain events and individuals when one considers past actions and statements.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=acquistare-vardenafil-in-farmacia-pagamento-online Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visits Columbia University Mahmoud Ahmadinejad President of Iran was invited by Columbia University to give a speech and answer questions from those in attendance. What did he think was going to happen? Perfumed rose pedals would be thrown at his feet? That every questioner would come from the Jeff Gannon school of journalism? Fawning approval of his governments policies? If that’s the case then Mister Ahmadinejad is in violation of his countries drug laws.

source site Yasuo Fukuta elected President of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party. How does the press react? Like Mr. Fukuta will be some kind reformer. Hello! Yasuo Fukuta is a member the LDP a party which has ruled Japan since 1954. It’s members are proud social conservatives with a strong nationalist bent. During the more than a decade Japan’s economy was in recession they threw large amounts of money at useless public works projects which amounted to nothing but further increasing the countries debt. 

follow site The UN holds on conference on Global Warming George “I dyne  Global Warming” Bush has other ideas. With all the brilliance and insight of an amoeba President Bush will hold is own conference on http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=farmacia-viagra-generico-25-mg-a-Milano (dening) global warming later this week. One can only imagine the “Solutions” that will emerge. Increase greenhouse gas emissions after all they’re green aren’t they. Clean air and water: What do you mean? Air comes in tank and water comes in a nice viagra generico 200 mg prezzo a Napoli plastic bottle how could there be any problems. Arctic ice and the Polar Ice Caps? A new ice machine will solve all are problems. As you can see only the most stopping 40 mgs of prednisone abruptly Brilliant of Ideas will spill forth from this collection of Einsteins.

go to site Senator Larry Craig back in the news Larry gives new meaning to I’m guilty only when I’m not guilty because I changed my mind. Larry is one amazing person. He went to that airport toilet because he had just signed up for click here Tap Dancing lessons. He was throwing old school http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=quanto-costa-levitra-originale-2017 Gang Signs. The stall was extra wide to accommodate his source link Extra Wide Stance. What did you except from guy who is in complete denial about everything.


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  1. can you tell me more about Fukuta?

    He’s President of the Liberal Democratic Party

    would that be similar to the chairman of the GOP?

    • Turkana on September 25, 2007 at 10:21 am

    against amoebae?

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