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What I learned from President Bush today

I hope you never have to learn what a SigAlert is.

Okay, I’ll tell you: A SigAlert is when traffic gets so bad on an L.A. freeway that even L.A. drivers say, “Damn! This traffic is bad!

I had the opportunity to enjoy a SigAlert this morning. It was not my first SigAlert.

Which – as I found out – gave me something in common with President Bush. Sort of.

James Watson: ready to up’n die.

I doan know why, but dey’s sumfn bout dem aging white scientists-one er dem chuckleheads–dey alwuz love dem to scuttle deir reputations right befo’ dey die.  It happmd to Richard Herrnstein when he published Da Bell Curve with Charles Murray.  What wuz he thinkin’?  He wrote it, den up’n died.  I reckon James Watson will up’n die soon too.  I’s a-gwyne to tell ya bout it below da fold.


Prison Camps and the Trail of Tears (Conclusions)

October: For most Cherokee, the “Trail of Tears” begins.

* These are my conclusions after “Part 1”:

Prison Camps and the Trail of Tears

and “Part 2”:

Prison Camps and the Trail of Tears (Part 2)

I almost thought Fox News was responsible for posting some of the information on the web about Native American history. Omission and blatant misleading misinformation such as the soldiers weren’t with the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears. Then who was it that forced the Cherokee to leave their dead relatives on the trail? I also found numbers that were disgustingly off and blame like, “Remember they agreed to this.” The tribal museums, eyewitness accounts, and reports on those eyewitness accounts provide the best information; not Wikipedia or any other “source” that contradicts what really occurred, even if only in parts. The truth still wants to be forgotten by some, I can only speculate as to who they are.

To the Tower, Igor!!!!

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maybe there’s something to nothing

i’d like to formally announce that i am no longer a democrat. i have decided to register as an independent.

further, i realize there are lots of people like me, democrats and republicans. and they nor I have a political place… we’re orphans with no place to call home. nowhere to go. and nothing to hold us to the status quo.

Pony Open Thread: a little Mae West is always good

for fun today… here’s one of the most famous lines from a movie

from “I’m No Angel”

starring Mae West and Cary Grant

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