I Got Nuttin’

Or rather there are a whole bunch of little Somethings that add up to Nuttin.


Financial pressures. New child. Older child. Work challenges. Work opportunities. Home life. Sleep. Lack of sleep. Old friends. Family. New friends. Writing. Community. Balance. Purpose?


Cheney. Iran. Iraq. Dollar falling. Economic upheaval. Burma. China. Housing. Globalization. De-funding. Impeachment. Free trade. Fair trade. Political change. Third parties. Congress. Effectiveness. Possibilites. Power. Influence. Money. Inspiration. Focus?


Big picture. Little issues. Manifesto. Wider net. Influence. Lack of influence. Agendas. The Big Orange. pff. Communities. Forgiveness. Personalities. Soap operas. Laughter. Balance (again). Inspriation (again). Delusions of grandeur?


What a jumble. But yet the desire to contribute remains.

Impossible to figure out today, so why not just stop by for a visit. Stop by, and just…be.

So – how’s it hangin’?


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  1. It is Friday, after all. Where’s the beer fridge around this place?

  2. Once again I find that our brains run in similar circles…

    After the long hot brutal summers here the fall tends to get crazy busy for me and I start making to do lists. I started one that was filled with chores to take care of at home and with my business, but I got distracted and wrote this one instead…

    End the Iraq War

    -Defund the mercenaries

    -Then defund the rest of it

    Reform the Democratic Party

    -Campaign reform

    -Election reform

    -Media reform

    Global warming

    -Environmental protection

    -Corporations should pay externalities

    Global economy

    -Combat global corporatism

    -Labor rights

    -Corporations should pay externalities

    Social Justice

    -Checks and balances/Transparency and Accountability in government
    (against corruption/dishonesty/exploitation to restrain corporate domination and political/economic corruption)

    -Free press – investigative reporting

    -Public education

    -Universal health care

    -Prevent discrimination

    Adding to that list…

    *Prune shrubs (human and otherwise!)
    *Finish big contract report
    *Trade in old books for new ones
    *Have a yard sale
    *Prepare to start new job
    *Get passport renewed
    *Sand and refinish wood flooring
    *Write essay about Oil companies in Burma
    *Take dogs to vet for shots
    *Get mammogram
    *Start winter garden seedlings
    *Get LLC status
    *Write an essay about Solar technology
    *Buy beer for the weekend!

    I’m exhausted already and I don’t even have any kids!

    • pfiore8 on October 5, 2007 at 7:28 pm

    i forgot to put up the pony party… but i think we can live without it

    seeing old friends tonight

    does crossing out pff go with building communities & forgiveness? that is what i’m wrestling with.

    delusions of better… that’s what it is, not grandeur

    i’m glad you’re here Stranger. For some reason, you and Robyn always make me feel safe. at home. comfortable.

  3. i plan nothing.

    since the local hospital’s outpatient rehab program was overfull with more acute cases this summer, “thing 1” has 3 weeks coming up starting monday, to overlap with school.  tiring…but im hoping to get some knitting done while im there.  see…i have a tentative plan, anyway…

    cross-country running season is almost over, but i think im being guilted into coaching one of the basketball teams this winter…that’s always fun with a bunch of middle-school aged girls!!

    and throw in that we have testing and auditioning to get “thing 2” into a high school we like, and basically i have little time left to plan for….

    who needs personal goals anyway??  😉

  4. waiting for my car to be serviced, waiting for the guy to call me back.  So, I’m working from home, and flitting between jobs, doing work work, sorting mail in preparation for paying bills, and rearranging boxes of old photos trying to decide what to do with them.  Thank god for electronic photo storage.  But what do I do with all the old ones?

    Thanks for asking.

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