Jane Harman Really Scares Me This Halloween


Here’s a true Halloween scary story for you.

Over at The Big Orange, I’m sure many of you have seen this:

Harman’s Response to drational’s FISA Post

Have a look and come back for a brief chat if you haven’t seen it yet.

The main thrust from Ms. Harman, in response to questions surrounding her working with Republicans to find a way to ‘legalize’ the surveillance program:

What rubbish!  For those like me who insist that the President’s domestic surveillance program must comply fully with the Constitution and the 4th Amendment, the only way for Congress to get there is with a veto-proof majority.  That’s why I’m working with Republicans.  Got a better idea?

Emphasis mine.

Holy moly.

For a while, many doubted whether the diary was legit. Then it was confirmed that yes, it is legit.

Many suspect it was written by a staffer.

Not me.

I figure Ms. Harman herself wrote this, note the generous use of ‘me’ and ‘I’ in the very brief post. And the brevity of the post suggests to me she actually sat down at her keyboard and wrote this herself. Probably took about 10 minutes. Maybe she had a staffer sign on, write the title (note the 3rd person) and post it, but the body was most likely hers. By her own ‘hand’.

Again. Holy moly.

This whole episode actually gives me hope on this fine October day.

It tells me that maybe our voices are not wasted here on the blergs.

Maybe we are making a difference.

Maybe we can continue to make a difference.

Maybe, just maybe, we’re not dead yet.

After all, a high powered Democrat certainly is paying attention.

Do you smell that in the air? Smells a little like fear. And hope.

Happy Halloween. Don’t let the Spooky Democratic Congresscritters scare you. They’re kinda lame, actually.


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  1. I’m still shaking my head here in amazement at the fabulous lame-osity of the Harman post.

    Am I missing something?

  2. How about not passing anything and then letting the GOP written FISA ‘fix’ from August lapse?

    Don’t need a ‘veto-proof’ majority for that, now do we Jane?

  3. to the 500+ comment and counting diary.


    Kagro X has a front page response up.


    (also short linked)

    • kredwyn on November 1, 2007 at 4:03 am


  4. criminals in Congress as you are at the Netroots. Those RePugs you want to work with obstructed justice for 6 years and they’re still obstructing justice, so what makes you think they’re going to help you?

    Stupid bitch.

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