Pony Party: Summer Past

Well, summer is gone for sure now.  Rain comin’ down, grey and cold here in the Northwest/Lower Mainland.  A couple of songs to warm you up…

Remember, don’t rec pony parties! 

The incomparable Ella, from 1968 Berlin:

And the same song, by (well, you know…):

Be excellent to each other…jessical here (well, barring disasters, I will be…)


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  1. …pony pony pony pony…

    • pfiore8 on October 4, 2007 at 9:50 pm

    just checking in… pony pony pony!

  2. Where in the northwest are you? The spousal unit and I are heading for vacation soon and I picked Seattle and surrounding area, a little rain never melted anybody.

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