Representative Harman, It’s Just a Misunderstanding

You see, we think George Bush is a criminal.

While evidently you don’t.

And we don’t think that our Representatives and Senators should aid and abet criminals.

Even if they are President.

I know also, that you think this is about politics and votes.

We don’t. We think it is about our Constitutional Rights….that you are sworn to uphold. We tend to think that you should do everything in your power…..which you aren’t… preserve our Rights.

So you see, this is all just a big misunderstanding.

You apparently see this as business as usual, as a political and procedural matter that you are helpless to do anything about.

We see what looks to us like Congress acting as co-conspirators and abetting the crimes of George Bush against the Constitution.

And we want to know why.

When we see what looks to us like….time after time after time…..completely unreasonable and inexplicable capitulation and kowtowing to a criminal by our last line of defense, the Congressional Democrats….

we ask ourselves….


And then we look for answers.

Your answer seems to be that even though Democrats have a majority in Congress, they are helpless stop or even to oppose the worst and most criminal President in history.

We don’t seem to be able to believe that.

No matter how hard we try.

So then, the only three possibilities that we can see are that you are crooked, cowards, or fools.

You say you are not crooked. Ok, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I will assume you are not crooked.

So which of the other two is it? Are you afraid? Or just too foolish and incompetent to be able to mount an effective opposition?

Or is there another reason you are not upholding your oath to protect The Constitution.

Please help us to understand.


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  2. Is more important than any one person.

    It is more important than Jane Harman.

    It is more important than the telcos.

    It is more important than George W. Bush, even if he is never made to account for his actions.

    To continue the theme from weeks ago, Jane Harman just doesn’t get it.

  3. Just wanted to come over to your neck of the woods and add a pony to your collection.

    Beautifully said, Buhdy.

    • pfiore8 on October 31, 2007 at 8:57 pm

    that’s all i can say

    • pfiore8 on October 31, 2007 at 8:57 pm

    in your essay????

  4. probably motivated by fear…but denial.

    i think the harmans of the world really still believe that they can legislate some sort of order out of this chaos, if only they can get a veto-proof majority to agree on something.

    even if that something is repugnant and doesnt respect my rights and freedoms…

    i think its a control-freak’s way of being in control of the sitch…able to say ‘we won’, even if what ‘we’ ‘won’ isnt what we would have wanted before we started the process.

    ok, now I’M not making sense either…but i wasnt elected to make sense, now was i???

    • snud on October 31, 2007 at 9:17 pm

    Has she even responded to the howling and screaming going on over at Kosville? I know if she poked her head out, somebody’d cut it off but still… The least she could do is try to defend her indefensible position.

    And ya’ know what I find amazing? She apparently didn’t expect this response!

    It’s as if she thinks everyone was going to say “Oh! OK! Why didn’t you SAY so? Golly! We’ve had ya’ pegged all wrong!” And she’d be all vindicated with regards to drational’s diary.

    Man, they must get better weed in DC than we do.

  5. looks like we woke the beast

    sharpen your weapons everyone
    time to unload

  6. Interesting day…

    Jane Harman jumped the shark.
    Front page of dKos slams her for it.


    John Cole registered today as a Democrat.

    Are we sure this isn’t April Fools Day instead of Halloween???

  7. buhdy, as a fan from way back your writing is just getting better and best. Thanks, both here and orange. These rat bastards regardless of party are seriously pissing me off, actually the Democratic ones more so. From Fiengolds ‘too trying for the American people’ response to impeachment to Nancy’s off the table and more, they are as culpable as the wing nuts. The Telcos are like everything else not responsible and protected as they rule along with every other wicked corporation that allies itself with these assholes, Democratic or Republican. 

    • TheRef on November 1, 2007 at 2:43 am

    the comments [including my own], I have concluded that the lot of us appear to have reached the point whereby we are about ready to pucker up and just spit.

    How dare things become so confusing and confounding that we must resort to fighting among ourselves …ostensibly, the choir.

    Ought not we be helping to get everyone on key and in tune for the big sing-off in November 2008? Yeah! We need to select “the” candidate to represent the Party, but can’t we do it without building the oratorical war chest of the GOP.

    Let’s work with Harman, et al to help them blend their voices into the choir’s mix. I don’t think it wise to continue bashing until we have only a soloist performing in this Fall of 2008, competition of political ensembles. Undoubtedly, collaboration will be better as a Party than trying to compete against the Republicans with only our much battered, last man / woman left standing.

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