Tear it Down !

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Amnesty International has a new, graphic campaign to gather together the many voices who demand that the United States  tear down Gitmo.

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Please, add your name and symbolically (for now) ‘erase’ what has become our national shame, the prison camp on Guantanamo Bay, one pixel at a time.

(Oh, and pass it on!)


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  1. on foreign soil.

    Thanks, Lisa. 

    I really want to see Cheney waterboarded, but that would be inhumane.

  2. provided a link to the new website (tearitdown.org) and this campaign. Graphic image and rather grim music playing, it’s chilling. Once you sign the petition, another pixel on the image lights up and then disappears. If only it were that easy…

    You can make Guantanamo Bay disappear — and help tear down detention camps that have become synonymous with torture, injustice, and an utter betrayal of human rights.Tearitdown.org is a powerful new Amnesty International project dramatically visualizing the commitment of 500,000 people to tear down Guantanamo Bay.

    See for yourself. Act right now to tear down a piece of Guantanamo Bay!

    Tearitdown.org builds on Amnesty’s long history of showing how one individual can make a difference. You have the power to tear down Guantanamo Bay one pixel at a time. Once 500,000 people have expressed their determination to end this human rights disgrace — our image of Guantanamo-style injustice will disappear.

    And, more importantly, we’ll have the power and strength needed to tear down the real Guantanamo Bay.

  3. The title sucked me in, very good.  I was hoping it was about the entire US government.  What is that, Vermont wants to drop out of the “Union”.  Yes!

    Yes,I am an American,(born here, raised here), Boy Scout, father, engineer and newly proud, enemy of the US government.

  4. thank you for the opportunity to share in this action….
    thank you for your stand….

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