The Power of Doing Something


Thanks for the available play on words for the title, Big A.

Real quick today, so much stuff to do.

We have a lot of fun in blogosphere land. This group here in particular has a good time.

This isn’t a guilt trip essay or anything, but I’ve been thinking I need to do more, to accomplish more, to see actual real progress on the issues that matter.

Our lives are busy, and I believe our efforts in the blogs are not wasted, especially when we learn more about the issues of the day and use this knowledge out there in the ‘real world’. I like being an opinion leader on the political issues facing this country. I have changed a few minds these past few years.

But it’s time to kick it up a notch.

Not sure how, I already do volunteer work to round out my busy schedule. And what I’m able to fit into the schedule is making a difference, which is great. But seeing the little bit of difference makes me want to see more.

It’s out there. Somewhere.

Just for kicks, here’s a fun site about doing something. It has a great little feature allowing you to type in your zip code and get volunteer opportunities in your community. I tried it for my relatively small corner of the world and something interesting did pop up.

As usual though lately, I’m curious about the views of this community when it comes to ideas of ‘what to do next’. I want to see some inspiration.

So, how do you kick it up a notch?


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  1. Thanks in advance for any good ideas out there…

  2. Here’s one of those cool little widget thingies, provided by the link above…


    Does it work? Try it!

  3. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. act locally.

    But I have truly come to believe that blogging is educating…not just sharing. And education is about the most important thing we can do right now.

    Outside of acting locally anyway.

  5. I became a Kossack was because after the Republican coup, I became aware that political action was needed. After 9/11 I feared not terrorists but the predictable aftermath. So I joined the Multnomah County Democratic party where I encountered and the strangest mixture of bedfellows, and on the advice of my hero, tried to take our party back. I also got a good wiff of the nasty money situation via the party machine. After the Kerry campaign I became increasingly alarmed at the Democrats, and took to yelling and raving at members of my community both socially and on street corners. I must add it is an extremely liberal district.

    After two years at Dkos I have learned what and who the Democratic tent consists of. My views have been changed because of those who are more centerist then I. I learned the mindset of those who I considered the problem, and I learned a lot of what politics are. So I think I’m going to return to the county party armed with my sort of smoothed out political view and tip the balance as best I can. There is a meeting next Thursday with assorted pols on the state level speaking so I will go armed with all I have learned and enter once again the local grassroots fray. 

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