Hillary Hate Makes People Idiots


The non-stop shilling for Clinton continues at Talk Left where Armando is at it full-time.

Have whatever opinion of the actual Bill Clinton Presidency, but you have to deal with the fact that Bill Clinton remains extremely popular and his Presidency remembered fondly.

It's funny, but I don't remember Bill Clinton's presidency all that fondly. The first two years could only be described as a total disaster.

Funny, I do not recall writing that BOOMAN remembered the Clinton Presidency fondly. I cited an article which stated:

Bill Clinton enjoys a 66 percent approval rating in a Washington Post/ABC News Poll released last month.

Booman's hatred of Hillary is so blinding that he denies the obvious – Bill Clinton is popular, whether Booman likes Bill or not. He sounds like a Republican now. Denying obvious facts. That is quintessential Hillary Hate. Makes people idiots.


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  1. And then I read today’s entry into the mix.

    It’s like he forgets the reason the nation spent a year focused on Bill Clinton’s penis was because of our f’d up media and our political opponents.

    He also rehashed travelgate fer cryin’ out loud.

    Anyhoo, in other news, our friend running for President really truly ain’t dead yet.


    • oculus on November 21, 2007 at 10:19 pm

    at TalkLeft.  However, Armando is not the source.

  2. I just heard about this blog yesterday on a Hillary hate site, and am happy to find it.

    I like the lack of rules but desire to be civil, this will be a definite visit every day. My addiction to the other one was ruining my life!

    Excuse me while I go check out the Hillary shill site…

  3. argued like a true lawyer. Your hurting my idiotic Hillary hating brain. While not denying Bills popularity, and granting that it’s the issues stupid, how can one oppose? A campaign in which the front runners main draw is her celebrity her sex and the fact that the Democrats want to go back to the good old days when they had the white house? Your damned as a Hillary hater and being negative,or mudslinging whether you use issues or not. Perhaps Hillary haters become idiotic when confronted with the tripe and idiocy of the supporters. It’s a loop and the issues come right back to the personality and are then an attack.

    btw: she took back her support of the licenses in Vegas, and rumor has it the boos, like her planted questions, were the result of packing in her supporters.    

    • Robyn on November 21, 2007 at 10:52 pm

    …I came out only after I became convinced that Bill Clinton was going to be elected the next president.  If there had been a Bush re-election, I doubt that I would be alive now.  No joke…and no hyperbole.

    Are the Clinton years remembered fondly in my community?  I can’t speak to that, since I have been separated from that community, by my choice, for a number of years.  But I can tell you this:  there were an incredible number of transfolk who transitioned during the Clinton presidency who probably would not have felt it safe enough to do so without Clinton in office (and even then it is not terribly safe, but it was as safe as it had been in a dozen years.

    People who don’t think life got better for GLBT after 1992 must be people who are not GLBT, don’t know anyone GLBT, or haven’t got a clue about culture change and its causes.

    People complain about the fear in our society today.  Compared to the fear of being GLBT in the Reagan/Bush years?  No contest.  The present times are good days compared to those.

    No, joke.

  4. Goopers used to call Progressives ‘Bush Haters’ to avoid talking about his policies.

    Funny how Hillary supporters are now resorting to precisely the same tactics.

    • documel on November 21, 2007 at 11:32 pm

    Hillary was swift boated before that term was born.  She was condemned as the butchy bitch in love with healthcare for all.  You know what, she was right, 13 years later it’s still the most pressing domestic problem.  As to being butchy, they screamed when she showed cleavage—strong women scare the shit out of wingnuts.

    Edwards was/is my favorite, but I feel I must defend Hillary against women hating bigots.  Bill was/is very popular–and very competent.  Do you think his FEMA would have let NOLA drown?  Bill had to deal with the crazy Republican congress from 1994 on–and stared them down before anyone realized how lock step nuts these Newts were.

    Reagan created this proudly bigoted party–we don’t have to believe the shit they relay through Foxnews.  Hillary ain’t perfect–but neither was Jefferson or Lincoln.  She will be competent–she’s not a heavy, she’s a sister!

  5. as timely as the Lawrence Welk Show?

    That and I have no desire to have a lying bitch concerned only with her own ego continue the Illuminati “let’s destroy America” theme.

    And as testament to Bill’s popularity I do know the military was pissed back in 1993 when he started cutting back on the medical benefits.  Military families had to drive 45 minutes to get medical care.

  6. I don’t even think it’s the fault of the people writing them.  The whole genre is tainted.

  7. claiming you are a full time Hillary shiller.  I don’t hate Hillary.  I would like for someone else to get the nomination but if she gets it she’ll probably do a terrific job as President.  She sort of has an over achiever track record and the last time I checked she hadn’t run any third rate oil companies into the ground;)  This is a tough race, we have several positively serious contenders here.  I’m grateful for it.  I can’t remember a time when we have needed such a gaggle of extremely competent leaders jockeying for the presidency.

  8. Bill Clinton is popular, whether Booman likes Bill or not. He sounds like a Republican now. Denying obvious facts. That is quintessential Hillary Hate. Makes people idiots.

    No question Bill Clinton is popular just like Reagan was.

    A nurse in Los Angeles talked of mentally ill people on the streets because of Reagan throwing themselves in front of cars so they could at least have food and shelter in a hospital for a day or more.  A developmental center in our area for youth with mental problems is now a prison.  Clinton graciously finished the job Reagan started, a job Republicans dreamed of for generations since FDR to “end welfare as we know it.”  Bill Clinton even interrupted his first campaign for president to rush back to Arkansas to sign a death warrant for a mentally feeble killer.  Even our horrible Supreme Court is beginning to question the death penalty for such people.

    Where was Hillary when poor people were being “empowered” by cutting off assistance and Bill Clinton and the DLC changed the discussion to a suffering middle class that includes people in the highest income brackets?

    Why she was fighting a war for insurance companies getting a bundle to do as much possible to deny medical care.  How is an insurance company to make a profit if they pay out all the premium money to doctors and hospitals?

    Where is Hillary on Bush’s wars?  

    Right alongside him.

    Where is Hillary on a regressive Social Security tax?  

    Got to lay the heaviest burden on the poorest workers.

    Where is Hillary on any number of issues from civil rights to the environment to the less fortunare in society?  

    Right alongside the Republicans is where she is and anybody that mentions it is a Republican mud slinger.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  Maybe the Bush doppelganger will be beaten in the end.  The chances aren’t as good as Democrats from the Democratic wing of the party (thanks, Paul Wellstone) could wish but there is more hope today than there was just a few days ago.

    Oh and try not to remember that Thanksgiving celebrates the massacre of 700 men, women and children of the first Americans – you know, the kind of people that are now called illegals.

    Best,  Terry

    • kj on November 22, 2007 at 3:35 pm

    but then, they’re part of the 23-30 percent. Does that count?

    From experience, I think hate can easily make anyone an idiot.

  9. based on distaste for the shameful Bill Clinton Presidency, starting with using an execution to shill for votes, and continuing through a horrid record on Civil Liberties, which set the stage for the Bush depradations.

    (Doen’t help my attitude that they had me indicted on 30 years worth of felonies for leafleting and marching outside the ’96 Democratic Convention, where even a Delegate was manhandled by hired thugs for the temerity of displaying a “Medical Marijuana” sign from the floor.

    Add the rollover for Big Copyright and the telcos and I can’t find much to like.

    “Hillary’s not Bill?” Where has she criticised any of the above? Her PATRIUOT Act votes are of a piece with Bill’s policestate record.

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