Sleepy Sunday Mornin’ Scribblings–NaNoWriMo

Sunday Morning…

I’m still trying to wake up. And I have a large cup of coffee sitting next to me.

Did I mention that the coffee cup is large? It’s big. And filled to the top with the brown stuff that should help me wake up.

Though as I’ve been thinking about the dream that woke me up…

The dream’s plot line goes like this…

Intrepid but young reporter (she’s also in the reserves…though I’m not sure it’s the US) winds up going to the countryside for some much needed R&R. She gets to the place she’s staying only to discover that the woman who’d been there before her disappeared only to be found, dead, some miles away. People suspect that it was wolves…but there’s something wonky about it.

There’s some stuff going on in the middle where some different people show up and leave for various and sundry reasons. All eventually leave and she can finally enjoy her vacation.

Only this other guy shows up. He’s the son of a local farmer…young, goofy, and kinda creepy. Our reporter gets the willies just talking to him. There’s something in the way he’s looking at her that’s freaking her out.

Turns out that he was engaged to the dead woman…sorta. It was an arranged engagement between their parents before her parents moved out of town.

And that’s when things start going down hill–quick.

Did I mention that the guy was creepy? Yeah…and that’s part of the reason I woke up with a start and have been having difficulty switching out of dreamspace.

Anyhow, this is your NaNoWriMo Write-In space.

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    • kredwyn on November 4, 2007 at 5:35 pm

    but it’s creepy…and frankly, scared the crap out of me.

    Turns out he’s the one who killed the woman…

  1. If you really want to twist it, add a friendly genial love interest type and then make us believe the creepy guy was the killer while adding little details scattered around that ultimately make the friendly genial type either the murderer, or for some reason covering the trail for the murderer.

    Sorry I messed with your plot.

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