So What’s Up with all the GBCW Diaries????

I’m starting to feel like the abandoned step-child here!

Alright, there’s been a few days of fighting, so effin’ what?

Stay out of those diaries, there is so much other content to read, so much we need to do, to share…

As with any community, there are times when you have to feel out the boundaries, that is exactly what is happening, we are testing the waters…there were misunderstandings and it seems like most of those were resolved, as far as I can tell…

I am here because I want to learn from others, I am here because I have ideas I want to share sometimes too…but most of all, I am here to be inspired in my real life.

The ideas and thoughts expressed on this site are just that, ideas and thoughts, not written in stone, not necessarily expressed by everyone, but it’s in sharing our individual thoughts, hopes, dreams, nightmares that we become who we are as individuals and together as a community.

Buhdydharma has created this place for us to come and be inspired, which I feel he has succeeded in…look at his essays, OPOL essays, Robyn’s beautiful poetry, Armando’s eye on the issues, RiaD’s beautiful episodes…and so much more…

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I hate good-byes, I admit it.  But if you must go, then at least come back sometime in the future and wave hello from time to time, but please don’t go…

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Be excellent to each other, in community and real life-Peace!


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    • KrisC on November 30, 2007 at 6:05 pm



    Night owl

    anybody else?  did I leave someone out?

  1. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    And thanks to this great community….it looks like we might even have a shot to come to some sort of agreement on the actual issues involved! I hope everyone can stick around long enough to see that part.

  2. many of us have baggage from past handles, past sites, past conflicts, past disputes, perhaps past GBCW’s and past bannings, past relocations.

    So when budhy opened up his new saloon, was it any surprise we’d promptly pull up stools and beging pissing behind the bar and brawling by the karaoke machine?

    I’ve got a steak over my eye…but I’m stayin…

    I’ve got to stop storming off in a huff when my ire is raised, and this is going to be my GBCW Detox…

    Until I GBCW, of course…

  3. I knew we were going to be heading for some fascinating dialog at some point based on the number of times we congratulated ourselves about how we were different and Docudharma was so much better than everywhere else and blah, blah. Don’t get me wrong I love it here, but we were arrogant to think we would never have conflict and arrogant to believe it would always be resolved in a satisfactory manner. We were naive to believe we had few sources of conflict. I am glad a certain somebody pushed us to talk about some things. Very instructive.

  4. Alright, there’s been a few days of fighting, so effin’ what?

    I LOVE this place, in spite of the occasional broken china. The creativity, the people, the goofy humor — plus we can bring pets. Good enough for me.

    And — not to be redundant — but MWAP has a good point about PTSD, past issues, etc., all of which I know nothing about. So I’m just gonna wait over on the sidelines until the dust settles and the ponies can come back out again.      

  5. many of the people here are “disrupters”, which some shrinks  define as people who disrupt things.  These people would like to disrupt the government, the political systems, the political parties, the culture, their families, their loved ones, etc etc.  But the thing with disrupters, and you can judge this yourself, that they disrupt everything.

    I admit to loving people with this trait.  But the thing is, when you’re with these people, you have constant pie fights going on around you.  If you’re not a disrupter yourself, you might think these pie fights have something to do with you.  If you are a disrupter, you probably try to get involved in the fights or disrupt them, too.

    If you’re not a disrupter, you are constantly being told by disrupters, “Don’t get in the ring if you don’t want to be punched.”  If you are a disrupter, you might get in the ring hoping to find somebody to punch, or you might start a fight in the audience.

    • pfiore8 on November 30, 2007 at 8:18 pm

    and if it wasn’t for buhdy, i would have left. and then, reading your essay makes me understand how emotional we can get. and how much i would miss if i left, not reading you or waiting for 73rd to re-emerge or to wait for another OTB live blog event.

    i care deeply about the people here. and it’s so much conflct to care about all these people and then also feel like your principles demand you stand firm, even if you flame out.

    and i love your pootie pics.

    hugs… pf8

    • RiaD on November 30, 2007 at 8:40 pm

    just…. thanks!

    • KrisC on November 30, 2007 at 8:55 pm

    The Official Kumbaya Leader????  Just askin’…..


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  6. I do not consider this a bad thing. I have been at dkos for over 2 1/2 years (+ a lurking year) and do not freak at my favorites or my good riddances, when they proclaim GBCW. If they go, then bless them if not, (often the case)  we all use drama, its our tool. The voices of reason? to the inflammatory we all make the up fabric of the net. This site is excellent, the drama will persist it is our tool our style, the shape of our content from subdued to flamboyant, we all count.      

  7. have been reading **** for the last several days and have

    chosen to remain silent.  What I noticed is anyone speaking

    out was going to get jumped on and I, for one, am not willing

    to be yelled at by someone I don’t even know.  Especially

    noted was several who tried to take a calm, rational stance

    and got blasted.  Words spoken in anger, thoughts twisted

    and nothing accomplished.  Just more anger.  Well, my hope

    it that the dust settles and we get back to the important

    work we need to be doing.  Everyone of us has something to

    offer and we each feel ours is the most important issue, but

    keep this in mind folks – If we don’t save the Constitution

    then really, the rest is all going to be a lost cause.


  8. If an essay thread degenerates into total nuclear war and too many participants are doing Slim Pickens impersonations, plunging earthward on each of their own H-bombs because there hasn’t been enough death and destruction wreaked on everything in sight yet, then it might be prudent to have a Plan B.

    Not that there has ever been total nuclear war on a thread here . . . I’m just offering a hypothetical example . . . but if this ever occurs on some far distant day, writing a Good Bye Cruel Thread post and departing to read some of Robyn’s poetry or to enjoy some tranquility in RiaD’s TaleMaster world might be the best solution.

    I’ve done a Slim Pickens impersonation myself a time or two on DKos, all it does is spread collateral damage far beyond the intended target.  So based on my own experience, I don’t recommend it.    


      • KrisC on November 30, 2007 at 8:25 pm

      it would be harmony, some days yes, but it can’t be every day…that’s not real…real life is the roller-coaster.

      and yes, there were things that needed to be pushed and discussed-you’re right!

  9. all groups are metastable systems of tension management….

    we have gone through a state change….

    if we each do what is appropriate we will be part of a transition in ourselves and each other…..

    it can be no other way…..

    we are not constituted in a way that is adpative on a collective scale…

    change is unavoidable…..

    this is a very dynamic group of minds….

    and I too feel the heart in you folks…

    the heart in this place…

    and I know the heart of buhdy……

    this site is part of me, my path, you folks…..


  10. which, of course, happens on blogs. It was the beginning of a repeat of what ended up being a few YEARS of abusive treatment by one person and their relentless quest to hijack an entire board with his abuse.  Anyone with their head screwed on right knows when the out of control abuser is back in town – and gets the hell out.

    I am here this morning to see if maybe the main person who holds the keys has made a functional move.  Obviously not.

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