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The SoapBlox software is doing a wonderful job of getting us to the top of google search results.  But that wouldn’t be possible without the community members, you, doing such a good job at researching and presenting your information.  We have students and teachers looking for background information on everything from Greek Goddesses to Steroids.  We have political types tracking important developments in Washington, we have advertisers researching our domain to see how many links are on google and then returning to place ads (as witnessed by our two new ads today).  We have new visitors from all over the world clicking on your response essays to the top News Publishers.

Your diary didn’t get many responses?  Well, just consider that your diary is not only being published on the web site, it is also being sent out to newsreaders, myYahoo pages, Google Home Pages, etc.  So even if people aren’t logging in to DocuD they could still very well be reading your stories.  In time more and more of them will make there way here to find you.

Stats and stuff below the fold:    


Site Summary


  Total 108,285  

  Average Per Day 787  

  Average Visit Length 16:14  

  Last Hour 39  

  Today 194  

  This Week 5,509  


  Total 1,133,335  

  Average Per Day 6,822  

  Average Per Visit 8.7  

  Last Hour 493  

  Today 1,603  

  This Week 47,757

More Stats: here

972 active links on Google to DocuD here

Technorati ranks us at 47,900 out of all the blogs compiled, a considerable jump from last week.  

You can now write for the DharmaZine as well as the blog simply by including the tag: dharmazine

in your essays as you’ll see with this post.

I’ll add more stats in the comments if I can come up with any more.


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  1. you deserve it!

  2. has an important story up regarding a new virus that is being brought home by the troops and medical staff working in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    The latest worry for U.S. troops – a superbug

    It’s important and may win over a few more stragglers on the Iraq war if they think they might personally become sick as a result.  Pitiful but true I’m afraid.

  3. thanks nlob!

  4. for more tasty stats…  “pie” charts and more (10 PM Eastern)

    Congrats on your promotion nlob! 😉 Well deserved!  

    • Alma on December 18, 2007 at 10:52 pm

    4 out of 29 were from Michigan.  Do we win an award for having about a seventh of the site traffic right now?  😉

    • pfiore8 on December 19, 2007 at 12:10 am

    and really great work!

  5. I don’t come by here very often, but I’m still awfully glad that Buhdy started this place up.

    btw, did people ever settle on a name for the denizens of this place?

    • snud on December 20, 2007 at 12:14 am

    ~a “Homer” shudder~

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