Our farewell to “Mumsie” (my mother-in-law)

(This diary just broke my heart. Promoted for its beautiful writing and just because. – promoted by noweasels)

Grieving is hard. Writing is cathartic.

At least, it is for us.

I just posted a piece called “As I Lay Dying…” — A Farewell to Mumsie on both ePluribus Media and DailyKos, the two spots on the vast Intertube network where she was known the best.

It was a stream-of-consciousness piece that Wifey and I both shared in the creation of, started as I sat vigil by Mumsie’s side in the nursing home and completed, for the most part, last night as Wifey and I quietly passed the small pocket computer between us at our local watering hole.

Please go leave a comment in one or both places for Wifey, and if you “knew” Mumsie through any of our writings please feel free to post a note for her as well.


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    • pfiore8 on December 27, 2007 at 6:09 pm

    your stream-of-consciousness is very emotional and lovely.  

  1. So sorry you have to face this during the holiday season, even at all, ever.

    After all the support you’ve offered our household, you can understand why I’m stuck for words.

    Just peace, my friend…

  2. soon your hearts will lift with memories and you’ll grin as you remember favorite sayings and laughs.  You aren’t alone in your grief so feel free to lean on us.


  3. Thanks for sharing this with the community.  I hope it will help you & Wifey to find peace and comfort at this time.   My ♥ goes out to you both.  

  4. Thank you both for this beautiful diary, may your hearts rest easy.  Mumsie, I am sure, is surrounded by angels tonight.  Bless you.


  5. left to stay here.

    My funeral was the day before Christmas.  She was 96 and sharp as a tack until the very end.  My Russian boss made the most relevant offhand remark, “96?, oh before they messed up the food supply”, We understand each other perfectly.

    May we, the living, live up to their legacy.

    • Atticus on December 29, 2007 at 1:43 pm

    Bless you Greyhawk for giving your mother-in-law the passing we all desire – comfortable and surrounded by love.  Transition always seems like an ending, but really isn’t.  I’m sure if you pay attention, her spirit will always be with you, just as yours will stay with her.

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