The Future

A burn mark on the repurp chair, worn fabric at it’s junction points, the soft sound of fingers tapping on an iboard, each wall of the small pyramidal room is lit up in vapors of light.

South – Red

East – Green

North – Blue

West – Gold

It is raining outside, the sound of it bouncing off the thin walled structure is reassuring,  a small man moves positions on the repurp chair.  He has not noticed Eddi.  Silently Eddi moves her eyes around to examine the content streaming seemingly backwards across the walls.  Maps, Charts, Philosophy, Medical Reports, Robot System Requests, Rental Agreements, Ancient Calendars, behind all of that, in another layer almost out of view and on all four screens is a grainy image of a young woman.

The man is standing behind Eddi, he has something sharp pressed against her left ear.


“Don’t turn…who are you?”

“I…I don’t…”

“Once more…who are you?”

“Jones, Marta” she lied.  “Working for the underground in any capacity possible.”

The sensation on her neck subsides and before realizing she had done it he was disarmed and kneeling in the corner.  

“I lied.”

Five agents quickly move in and sweep the place for information but find nothing.

“Looks like he’s an RSO, start the tracking sequence from our coordinates.” then switching  to the disarmed man “Remote Systems Operator?  You surprise me Mr. Dorne.  Turning your back on the people that gave you so much…for this?  Sitting alone in this pit day and night?”  Eddi pauses for a second of self-reflection then signals the others.

– – – – –

A fallen log splits and slides open, three chimeras awake and slice through their gauze-like cocoons.   One takes flight, one starts running, the other begins to burrow.  They are out of site within seconds of awaking, no sensors triggered.  It is early dawn, the air is crisp, a lone deer twitches on the horizon.

“Probably the last god-damned one.” Janx said to no one in particular.  He walks quickly through the underbrush glancing only occasionally at likely places for traps before moving on or avoiding them.  Wires run from his pocket to a small pack with tools and weapons fit snugly into place.  He reaches a small opening.  Checks for disturbances, sees none, bends down and pulls a cord.

Woooooshhh….a soft cell solar pad done up in camouflage collapses into a small bundle.  He cinches it to his pack and plugs it in.  

“Silence to Service…Dog is Caught”

– – – – –


  1. yes it is, for those that would like to play along, submit your own chapters in the comments and I’ll include them in the next posting.

    Oh and I came up with some interesting guerrilla marketing tactics for causes and immediate action items.  Yay.

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