An Atrios Imitation

Here’s something sort of interesting….

Empire Burlesque must read

H/t to Inky99


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  2. The more notice it gets, the better.

    I feel drawing attention to this story is our last hope to get impeachmnet investigations, so the more eyes that see it, the better.

    • Nordic on January 9, 2008 at 6:01 pm

    I just read it, too, over there at that “other” place.

    Chris Floyd rocks.  

  3. From LondonYank

  4. …add her name to tags!  IMO, this is exceedingly interesting.

    I tried for a long while, in my tech impaired state, to post a couple of links.  Couldn’t do, so until I can consult w/ OTB or another friend, I’m going to send the basics.  Saw Valtin posted on this also; these are intersting too.

    Article by Justin Raimondo, 1/7/08, on his antiwar site, “Nukes, Spooks, and the Spectre of 9/11”

    We’re in big trouble if even half of what Edmonds says is true…

    There are video clips at You Tube, keyword: “Sibel Edmonds”  

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