Want to Impeach? Here’s “The Year in Evidence”

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Somebody send this to Wexler:

2007: The Year in Evidence

This is from AfterDowningStreet.org, and it’s a mind-blowing list of the massive evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors from the Bush administration in 2007 alone.  

It seems that 2007 will go down as an extremely shameful year for the United States, and for the Democratic Party in particular:

Some of the 2007 evidence below was exposed by Congress, but most of it was unearthed by book authors, bloggers, independent reporters, federal prosecutors, and the corporate media. With the Democratic majorities came a complete ban on congressional investigations of war lies (not to mention an end to serious efforts to end the occupation of Iraq). Other investigations proceeded cautiously and at a glacial pace – and with no ultimate objective, Speaker Nancy Pelosi having declared impeachment “off the table.” It took over 4 months for the opposition party to issue its first subpoena. In June there was a minor burst of subpoenas. But it was quickly established that Bush, Cheney, Condi, and their underlings, would never comply with subpoenas, and that Bush would even (feloniously) order former staffers not to comply. The Democrats let it go at that and largely stopped trying to compel incriminating testimony. That the House Judiciary Committee had, a single generation back, passed an article of impeachment against a president for refusing a subpoena was buried in our national amnesia.

For those of us sick to death of the lack of response from our so-called “leaders” in the Democratic Party, and sick to death of the mainstream “media’s” deliberate ignoring of these crimes, this list will quite likely either infuriate you or numb you into further depressive submission.

I mean, I’m going to blockquote just one small section of the list, which is divided into categories.  There are FIFTEEN other categories!  Fifteen!  This one is just for “war crimes”:


This is one of the harder topics for Americans to discuss by name, yet 2007 yielded a bumper crop of evidence of war crimes:

2007 May 4 Army Surgeon General’s pentagon report on declining morale and war crimes


US Attack on Iraqi Peace Parliamentarian


US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights


‘Shocking’ video: Shi’a Iraqi soldiers beat Sunnis as US trainers watch


Death Squads, American Style


Fifth Marine Pleads Guilty in Murder of Innocent Man


Jailed Two Years, Iraqi Tells of Abuse by Americans


Bush Family War Profiteering


Coerced Labor Building Baghdad Embassy?


Illegal Bases in Iraq Openly Constructed, Used, Announced


Marine Told to Destroy Haditha Photos


The Other War: Iraq Veterans Speak Out on Shocking Accounts of Attacks on Iraqi Civilians


Marine says beatings urged in Iraq


Video: Marine on Hamdania Shooting


U.S. soldier convicted of beating Iraqi detainee with baseball bat


Marine tells of order to execute Haditha women and children


Documents Show Troops Disregarding Rules


U.S. Aims To Lure Insurgents With ‘Bait’


Soldier: Sergeant from N.C. ordered me to shoot unarmed Iraqi man


US Violating Chemical Weapons Convention in Iraq


And still we do not end the supreme war crime, the crime that contains the accumulated evil of the whole: the war of aggression.

And when I clicked randomly on just one of these links listed above, I found the following information, something I actually didn’t know!  Why?  Because nobody has reported it!   But check this out:

Since this war on terror was declared following 9/11, the pay levels for the CEOs of the top 34 defense contractors have doubled. The average compensation rose from $3.6 million during the period of 1998-2001, to $7.2 million during the period of 2002-2005, according to an August 2006, report entitled, “Executive Excess 2006,” by the Washington-based, Institute for Policy Studies, and the Boston-based, United for a Fair Economy.

This study found that since 9/11, the 34 defense CEOs have pocketed a combined total of $984 million, or enough, the report says, to cover the wages for more than a million Iraqis for a year. In 2005, the average total compensation for the CEOs of large US corporations was only 6% above 2001 figures, while defense CEOs pay was 108% higher.

But the last name of one family, which is literally amassing a fortune over the backs of our dead heroes, matches that of the man holding the purse strings in the White House. On December 11, 2003, the Financial Times reported that three people had told the Times that they had seen letters written by Neil Bush that recommended business ventures in the Middle East, promoted by New Bridges Strategies, a firm set up by President Bush’s former campaign manager, who quit his Bush appointed government job as the head of FEMA, three weeks before the war in Iraq began.

Isn’t that just darned interesting?  It gets even MORE interesting, a lot more interesting, when you read even further down that article and learn about all the members of the Bush family who have directly profited from their family member’s little “war on terror”.  

Isn’t that just a betrayal of the American people that none of this information has been reported by anyone, anywhere, at all?

Ah, Happy New Year indeed.  May 2008 be remembered as the time our nation returned to sanity.  Color me not optimistic.

But let’s spread this around, shall we?  Blog it anywhere you can.  Copy it word for word.  Post it over at Dailykos if you want — I still can’t post over there for a week or so.  Thanks.


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  1. Published inside the belly of the beast.


  2. AfterDowningStreet charges could be made to stick, we could throw the bums out.

    Wow, what a list.

  3. David, over at AfterDowning, you’d be pulling your hair out as he, and others, have been compiling not only the Evidence but posting updated actions and articles!

    A Great source that has been there since the beginning, Congress and the People need look no further to find All They Need!

    But sadly Impeachment and indictments ain’t gonna happen, to many in Congress would take themselves down, and the Cult worship started long ago as to Candidate support by the majority of the people, i.e. the sheep of the Democratic party!

    This Country continues it’s own Self Destruction, and the People are leading the charge over the cliff!!

    Not Much Is Going To Change For Anything Resembling The Good Of The Nation!!

  4. that has not been recognized enough.

    Bush signed into law a bill that passed in different versions in the House and Senat.  The difference was not minimal or “ministerial” — it was a $2 billion difference (of course the version signed cut the funds from medicare and student loans).

    Knowingly signing a bill that was not passed by the House.

    Sounds impeachable to me!  

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