Sunday Night Scribblings: The Love Interest

As I write this…the Academy Awards is going on.

On stage, Harrison Ford is talking about imagination. And a former exotic dancer who wrote the script for Juno (Diablo Cody) has just won the Oscar for writing Juno.

And that totally rocks!!!

But also going on is my own writing and trying to figure out some of the stuff going on in my novel. The interview is still in progress between my protagonist and antagonist.

McBad Guy has just threatened the life and wellbeing on my protagonist’s aunt. I wasn’t sure  how she was going to react to this threat. So I tossed in something that Lee Abbot would call a tank that I’ll have to fix when I merge the interview in with the rest of the book. In other words, my protagonist is wearing a wire.

And on the other side of the wire are a pair of guys listening to the bad guy threaten to hurt my protagonist’s aunt if he does not get what he wants. She turns tables on him by letting him know that the threat, and its implied confession to kidnapping her aunt, has been overheard and caught on tape. Tape that will make its way to the police…thereby making his life that much more difficult.

One of the guys on the other end of that mike is a Mentor. The other? The Love Interest.

I don’t know a lot about him at the moment. What I do know is that he’s a cop…cute…stubborn…and honourable. He rides a bike. His name is Cormac…or Tom…or Kevin…or…??? I’m going with Cormac at the moment. And he belongs to a shadowy organization that’s connected to the group that got my protagonist’s aunt into the middle of this kerfuffle. He likes antique cars.

The group, a gathering of knights as it were, is sworn to uphold, defend, and protect something that exists as part of the larger picture.

And in spite of the fact that he knows about the dangers involved in the larger picture, he’s gone and fallen in love with the niece.

Unfortunately, the things that make him a good cop and knight are the very things my protagonist find annoying about him–nosy, over protective, pushy.


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