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Bill Clinton? He was ALWAYS a Republican

this is a short one… but none the easier to digest, i’m sure.

Credit Crunch is getting deeper in US

I was doing my usual perusing of the foreign newspaper and media websites (this is how I get the real news without that well known BushCo bias) and I came across an article at that caught my attention.

The credit crunch has hit the US economy hard. From Wall Street to Main Street, loans that looked rock-solid a year ago now look shaky.

And the US central bank, the Federal Reserve, is throwing away the rule book to contain the effects.

  My emphasis.

That is a pretty strong statement.  The Federal Reserve is Throwing Away The Rule Book to contain the effects.

There is more.

Pony Party, Back in 5

…days, that is…

Today is ‘thing 1’s surgery…and she’ll be doing the overnight thing, so i wont be here tomorrow, either.  You’ll have to pony on without me…

I’m not expecting any complications, etc…so I should be back to the ‘grind’ on Monday…

An Inconvenient Protest, and More Details of Riots in Lhasa, Tibet

In the midst of China’s carefully stage-managed PR tour with select western journalists, a small group of Tibetan monks seizes the moment:

The outburst by a group of 30 monks in red robes came as the journalists, including an Associated Press reporter, were being shown around the Jokhang Temple – one of Tibet’s holiest shrines – by government handlers in Lhasa.

“Tibet is not free! Tibet is not free!” yelled one young Buddhist monk, who started to cry.


“They want us to crush the Dalai Lama and that is not right,” one monk said during the 15-minute outburst.

“This had nothing to do with the Dalai Lama,” said another.


Small Retailers Being Forced Out By Government Subsidies to Big Chains w/poll

Original article by Sherwood Ross via .

Docudharma Times Thursday March 27

Is this the value of our existence

Should we proclaim with such persistence

Our destiny relies on conscience

Red or blue what’s the difference

Thursday’s Headlines: U.S. to Stop Green Card Denials for Dissidents: U.S. Steps Up Unilateral Strikes in Pakistan:  Iraq leader gives Shiite militias in Basra three days to surrender: Powerful lessons: Ultra-orthodox awkward squad: Monks disrupt Tibet media visit:  Burma, land were people wear the tattered shreds of the Saffron Revolution: German supermarket chain Lidl accused of snooping on staff: ‘Inhumane and oppressive’: the final verdict on Britain’s asylum policy: Robert Mugabe mocked as climate of fear dissolves in laughter: Angola to host landmine pageant: Oil exploration issue splits Mexico

Supplier Under Scrutiny on Aging Arms for Afghans

This article was reported by C. J. Chivers, Eric Schmitt and Nicholas Wood and written by Mr. Chivers.

Since 2006, when the insurgency in Afghanistan sharply intensified, the Afghan government has been dependent on American logistics and military support in the war against Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

But to arm the Afghan forces that it hopes will lead this fight, the American military has relied since early last year on a fledgling company led by a 22-year-old man whose vice president was a licensed masseur.

With the award last January of a federal contract worth as much as nearly $300 million, the company, AEY Inc., which operates out of an unmarked office in Miami Beach, became the main supplier of munitions to Afghanistan’s army and police forces.

Muse in the Morning

Seeking to Connect

Be the Change

If we strive to live

as if the world

was as we wish it

to be

perhaps it will become

like that

“But that’s the way things are,”

says the crowd

That thinking is

what keeps our lives

this world

our relationship to this world

rigidly unchanging

So we resist

try to eradicate

that mode of thought

try to keep flicking

some switches

hoping that more

lights will illuminate

searching for a trigger

to ignite

the cascade effect

that will bring

the change we desire

It starts inside

each of us

with those things

we can really control

–Robyn Elaine Serven

–March 26, 2008

Please join us inside to celebrate our various muses…

Gravel Switches Parties

You remember him?  He was that other candidate that the media marginalized. I guess he will be best remembered for his reading of the Pentagon papers into the Congressional record back in the ’70’s.  Granted he was never high on anyone’s list of candidates, but now he has finally made news and changed party affiliation.

His announcement yesterday.

“I’m joining the Libertarian Party because it is a party that combines a commitment to freedom and peace that can’t be found in the two major parties that control the government and politics of America,” Gravel said in a prepared statement. “My libertarian views, as well as my strong stance against war, the military industrial complex and American imperialism, seem not to be tolerated by Democratic Party elites who are out of touch with the average American.”

While I am not a supporter by any means, he does have a point.  But it is not just the Democratic Party that is out of touch with average Americans; it is ALL politicians.  I do not foresee this move giving him any more clout than he had within the Dem Party, but maybe he will get a bit more publicity than he did before.  After all, is that not the goal of every politician?  

The Stars Hollow Gazette

Are you still trapped in High School?

What puts me in mind of the subject is this post by digby.

Are you so psychologically damaged by not being the inner jock/cheerleader/prom queen you deserved to be?


I was Ferris Bueller and what took me 10 years to get over was that there was never again such a system I could so totally scam out here in the cold harsh world of reality.

If our Whiny Ass Titty Baby Beltway Buttkissing Bozos can’t find anything better than to pine in envy when the dude wearing a Duck’s Ass (that’s what DA means you terminally unhip losers) walks down the hall between the lockers they DESERVE their toilet bowl swirlies and atomic wedgies.

Get a job you lazy bums!

Go work for someone who won’t listen to your sniveling excuses and only pays for results you snot nosed brats.

Oh wait- you don’t have any.

What makes you better than me you miserable failures.  Mummy and Dada will protect you?

Not in my neighborhood.  Here you’re nothing but meat.

Welcome to the jungle.

The Future and what it could hold

(Much like a traveler to a new city, I’m scoping out new places)

The future, and where humankind will be in that future at some indeterminate point is constantly in my mind. This subject fascinates me to no end.

We have ‘mastered’ some aspects of our limited existence, mapping our genome for example, but yet we as a species cannot come to grips with 10,000 years of savagery on our hands. The technologies that offer us such great hope in understanding the nature of our world provide us with a pathway directly to ours and other species on the planet doom.

There’s little attempt to try to come to grips with how this technology is used, ethically and morally in the blogosphere. How nations, politics, capitalism and corporatism play together with technology sets our path to the future as a species, more than anything else.

So I start with questions about our place, human individuals in a society that uses technology, just as I am doing right now, typing this out.

What are the powers of one individual, in a technological society such as ours?

What can one voice, one individual do to effect change, that might offer a brighter future for all of humanity?

It’s certain that one individual can cause damage, be it political, social, or even to truth and reality itself. What I believe real sustainable change is for the most part, it must come from is cooperative actions on the parts of masses of people. I’m curious to hear what your opinions are about how this can come about.

I’m trying to reassess what role I have to play in all of this, and I appreciate the opportunity to express myself here.

Seriously, What’s So Great About “The Shock Doctrine”?

OK, so here’s the thing: everything I’ve read of Naomi Klein’s, and everything I’ve read about “The Shock Doctrine”, has me convinced that it is crap.  But people who I know and consider quite smart such as Turkana and Meteor Blades think it is the best political book in ages.

So, anyone want to tell me what is so great about it?  I’ve seen it panned in great detail, but nothing but the most vague explanations of how awesome it is supposed to be.

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