The Never Ending Story Of The Left: A Parable

Terror has reigned in the land for a decade.

War has returned, the People are oppressed and have had their Rights and Freedoms…..”God”-given rights according to even their oppressors….stripped and trampled, hunger and homelessness increase day by day, while the Ruling Class grows fat, children and the elderly suffer and die for want of medical care, whole segments of the citizenry have been made into hated pariahs, all attempts at justice and accountability are crushed, not just by the minions of the Emperor, but by those sworn to oppose him and uphold the Law of the Land.


But….hosannas and trumpets ring out………..the reign of the Emperor is coming to an end! The only way the Reign of Terror can continue is if his successor is elected. But since two thirds of the People are very unhappy with the results of The Emperors Reign…and 80% are unhappy in general, this seems like almost a impossibility! Surely the Forces of Good will triumph over the Force Of Evil!!!



Until the Forces Of Good all got into a circle and stared arguing about who was Gooder. They argued over a sixth of an acre of land and whether videos are tinted darker or not and ….haircuts. They argued over who was a bigger liar, they argued about how to argue, they argued about who was breaking the rules over how to argue. They argued with the people that said they shouldn’t argue so much and so loudly and so viciously. The arguments got so heated that the Forces Of Good all took out their guns and shot each other.

The Evil Emperors successor was elected and the Reign of Terror continued.

The End

Visual aid: The Bad Guys



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  2. puts in all into perspective and would be damn funny if it were not entirely possible of becoming true.

    • brobin on March 27, 2008 at 7:56 pm


    and your little Country, too!

  3. … and I hear this kind of nonsense at work, too.

    I don’t look to the netroots now for any kind of wisdom or unity in the Presidential elections.

    After we have a Dem nominee, I think much of the lunacy will end.

    I do think that the root cause of the insanity of the left at this time is the betrayal of us all by the 2006 Dem majority, Reid, Pelosi, etc.  Folks in the Dem base worked so hard on the midterm elections and they succeeded … but to no avail.  I don’t think we were expecting miracles, either.  And what we got decimated the morale of the heart of Democratic party, imo, which is the base.

    So now folks are just nuts.

    Except us here, of course … lol.

    • OPOL on March 27, 2008 at 8:13 pm

    Venceremos (“We Shall Overcome”)!

  4. Yeah.

    Meanwhile, it is becoming more and more obvious that we may be decades away from good enough.  But still I am going to vote for “The Democrat” in November.

    What I don’t think people really understand is that this is a starting point – not an end point.  Rebuilding what has been destroyed over the past few decades is going to be a huge task and no one “gooder” candidate is going to magically fix everything by winning one stupid election.  Winning is just the begining of what will be a long journey.

    The question I have at this point is whether or not we have the kind of leadership or the kind of citizens that we will need to do the work.  That question wouldn’t have entered my mind six months ago, but now too many people seem to be so easily distracted by really stupid things that really, really do not matter in the grand scheme of things.

    I was scolded for using “scare tactics” when I commented on the potential havoc and destruction a President McCain would bring.  Yeah – okay – whatever.


    • OPOL on March 27, 2008 at 11:35 pm

    I’ll soon know more about what’s going on.  Maybe this is not the place though.

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