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Pony Party, Lazy Day

What are YOU doing today?

I’m going to start my day by e-mailing this piece to everyone I know (some will be getting it twice).  It’s about John McCain.  It’s called “Bigotry, Apology, Repeat As Necessary”.  An excerpt:

Docudharma Times Thursday April 17

We’ve come so far so fast from what they call the past

Laying down foundations and we know they’re gonna last

Present and the future we will never fall

Realise united we stand and divided we fall

Thursday’s Headlines: Moratorium on Lethal Injection Is Over, but Hardly the Challenges: Obama Pressed in Pa. Debate: Torch reaches locked-down Delhi: US offers Pakistan government $7bn in non-military aid to fight terrorism: Reuters cameraman ‘killed by Israeli tank’: Report reveals Iran seized British sailors in disputed waters: Mugabe has stolen poll win, Brown tells UN: Odinga sworn in as Kenyan premier: Boycott call as Gibraltar decides to cull monkeys: Seven police hurt in Spanish bomb: Colombia trade pact dispute spills into Californians’ laps

A Drought in Australia, a Global Shortage of Rice

DENILIQUIN, Australia – Lindsay Renwick, the mayor of this dusty southern Australian town, remembers the constant whir of the rice mill. “It was our little heartbeat out there, tickety-tick-tickety,” he said, imitating the giant fans that dried the rice, “and now it has stopped.”

The Deniliquin mill, the largest rice mill in the Southern Hemisphere, once processed enough grain to meet the needs of 20 million people around the world. But six long years of drought have taken a toll, reducing Australia’s rice crop by 98 percent and leading to the mothballing of the mill last December.

An Iraqi Gives His Side

Let me get this straight, we invaded a Country for No Reason At All, or if you are to believe the civilian and some military leadership a Number of Reasons that Kept Changing!

We’re now into the Sixth Year and We’re Training{?} a new Iraq Military Force as well as a Police Force!  

Muse in the Morning

Film at 11


Deep down below

past even the words

are ideas and concepts

normally unthought

except by the weird

unkempt minds

of those who dare

to be different

Whipped creaminess

of dangerous notions,

syllables expressed

too rarely

and more seldom heard,

whizzes by faster

than can normally

be sensed

Grabbing on

to a possibility

I was taken downward

further than


could conceive

There is truth here

There is more

wherever I look

And who wanted

to be normal


–Robyn Elaine Serven

–December 28, 2007

Please join us inside to celebrate our various muses…

Government to Collect DNA from All Arrested of a Federal Crime

Welcome to the United States of Gattaca. The Washington Post is reporting that the Bush administration is expanding DNA collection of people arrested for crimes.

The U.S. government will soon begin collecting DNA samples from all citizens arrested in connection with any federal crime and from many immigrants detained by federal authorities, adding genetic identifiers from more than 1 million individuals a year to the swiftly growing federal law enforcement DNA database.

The policy will substantially expand the current practice of routinely collecting DNA samples from only those convicted of federal crimes…

Anyone now arrested of a federal crime will have their DNA collected. With the past examples of abuse of the justice system by the Bush administration, it isn’t difficult to imagine how this change in policy could be abused. When the policy is implemented, roughly 1.2 million people a year will have their DNA collected.

The Stars Hollow Gazette

I’m thinking that it might be time to do an essay rescue, so I’m inviting your contributions.

It can be your own or another’s, the one cardinal rule is that it can’t have appeared on the Front Page already.

Please include a link.  Tell me what you think makes this essay something that we should reconsider now.  The volume of submissions will determine how I choose to display the results.  It’s not that just having it submitted here, especially by someone else, is not recognition, but if there are only 3 I might be tempted to just promote them and if there are a thousand I’ll have to worry about how to present them.

No guarantees.  Judgement of the referee (me) is both final and arbitrary.  Order of presentation is random and not reflective of merit.  Non-presentation is not reflective of merit, simply of relevance to current events.

A dangerous mind

dK is functionally down.  I can’t rate (I can still see hidden so I suspect it’s not all about me) so what’s the point?

I have duties tonight as host of TDS/TCR and I’ve spent most of the afternoon trying to write that.

At first I had 2 hours of chasing down a link to Jon’s guest, and after that another 2 hours of trying to grok my response.

I’m going to post it below, but I think for the show (if I can post at all) I’m going to go with the abbreviated version-

My Mom said, “When you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.”



The original-

Official Venting Thread…Let It All Out!

As Youffratia said in the tip jar of I’m mad as hell

” Oh, hell, it’s been a rough week…”

And so it has. Pfiore and others seem to be echoing the sentiment after watching the Doug Feith Video, so let’s make it official.

The cosmic weather report this week has been for sun spots around Uranus….iow, this week has burned my ass. You know what else burns my ass?

Flames about three feet high.

IOW. No. I am NOT going to list all of the things that have burned my ass this week, that would just incinerate my gluteas maximi all over again. Suffice it to say that they have been sufficient to burn my buns. I have felt like at least two of the Seven Dwarves, Cranky and Grumpy. What’s that you say? Cranky wasn’t one of the Seven Dwarves?


Fuck You.

I honor of the fact that a couple of days from now will be the anniversary of the first Docudharma Official Policy Statement….. What’s that you say? It hasn’t been a year? See above.

Or as I said in Ask A Kossak on Sunday, but wish to readdress from just the media to every mother’s son or daughter above the rank of sergeant in charge of this sorry ass pisshole masquerading as reality, to wit: …………..the godammed mothraforking shitehead icehole media, what WILL we do with these seemingly genetically engineered dufilicious morans??? I needed to vent, maybe you do too? If so have at it in the comments. Go ahead and scream, curse, throw things, and of course YELL LOUDER


Pony Party: StumbleUpon

I’ve been on the net for such a long time that I feel like the next generation is passing me by.  Other than blogging, I haven’t adapted to the Web 2.0 social networking paradigm – it seems designed for the younger crowd. I don’t go to MySpace or have any Friendsters.  And I’ve noticed but never used the Social bookmarking sites like Digg, reddit and StumbleUpon.  Occasionally, one of our pages gets into these systems and I see a few clicks from reddit and other sites in our logs.  A few weeks ago one of pinche tejano’s essays President Bush Relegated to Sippy Cup brought a flood of StumbleUpon’ers – more visitors on one day than we have ever seen.   That really made me take notice, so I signed up for an account at StumbleUpon.   In just a day or two I was completely hooked on it.        It’s fun to take a break for 5 minutes and spin through a few dozen sites.  

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