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UPDATED. Revelations of intelligence on Syria / North Korea Nuclear facililty questioned.

The timing of the release of intelligence regarding the link between North Korea and Syria over an alleged nuclear reactor facility that the Israeli’s bombed inside Syria is being questioned by the international community.  

Of course, rightly so because of where the intelligence information is coming from.  The Bush Administration.  Not the most trustworthy group of people on the world stage today, I think we can all agree.

From BBC:

The US has made explicit allegations that the target hit by Israeli warplanes in Syria last September was a nuclear reactor under construction.

It was being built with help from North Korea, the Bush administration said.

But the White House statement – after a series of intelligence briefings on Capitol Hill – raises many questions.

As does the decision to go public just as international talks to try to roll back North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme have hit a critical stage.

Pony Party, Phone it in Friday

hey hey we’re the republicans

Port Insecurity: What keeps you up late?

How about this?

Customs inspectors at a pier in New York City send a sealed cargo container just taken off a ship from Istanbul through a radiation scanner. A dozen new tractors seem to be inside. Although the detector senses no radiation, the inspectors open the container anyway. Their handheld units show no radiation either, so they allow the container to leave. A private hauler drives it to a small Midwestern city. There terrorist cell members remove what was their final shipment of highly enriched uranium, concealed as 10 metal washers in the tractor engines, together weighing two kilograms. Months later an improvised nuclear device with a yield of one kiloton is detonated in Los Angeles. The blast, fire and airborne radioactivity kill more than 100,000 people. Virtually all shipping into the U.S. is halted, precipitating a financial crisis. Military operations commence in the Middle East after forensics and intelligence efforts trace the plot to cells in Pakistan and Iran.

Docudharma Times Friday April 25

Its my own design

Its my own remorse

Help me to decide

Help me make the most

Of freedom and of pleasure

Nothing ever lasts forever

Friday’s Headlines: Bush Plan To Contract Federal Jobs Falls Short: More GOP ads target Obama: Syria ‘had covert nuclear scheme’: Gaza fuel crisis forces UN to stop food aid deliveries: Thousands queue to see corpse of Padre Pio: Historians call for Mein Kampf reprint as time runs out in fight against far Right: Pakistan claims impending deal with militants: Beijing to meet Dalai Lama’s representative: Winners and losers in land of starving billionaires: Senegal’s Wade says India to fully supply rice needs: Applying Capitalism to Protect Dwindling Brazilian Forestland

For Airlines, Runways Are the Danger Zone

WASHINGTON – The recent groundings of thousands of flights have raised flags about skipped airplane inspections and botched repairs to wiring.

But what really worries aviation specialists? Runway collisions.

“Where we are most vulnerable at this moment is on the ground,” the chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, Mark V. Rosenker, said. “To me, this is the most dangerous aspect of flying.”

For the six-month period that ended March 30, there were 15 serious “runway incursions,” compared with 8 in the period a year earlier. Another occurred at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport on April 6 when a tug operator pulling a Boeing 777 along a taxiway failed to stop at a runway as another plane was landing, missing the tug by about 25 feet.

Muse in the Morning

Truth or dare?

Art Link
Fool’s Gold

Living on Lies

Such small minds

in fear they cower

preferring deceit

over truths

which they cannot

fully comprehend

My God

how their souls

must be shrivelled

stained by

false bravado



as they pollute

our mutual


–Robyn Elaine Serven

–March 28, 2006

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Did I Miss Something? A Clinton Win

Did I fall asleep and miss something?  The media keeps saying that Clinton won Pennsylvania and will be a boost to her nomination attempt.  OK, she won and won pretty darn good, but she only get a bit more finds, not an automatic nomination,–the math does not favor her–well real math not that new math that the Clinton camp uses.

Just looks like the media is determined to keep her in the race, of course she will not bitch about it.  And the media gives her every avenue to use her “new” math and make her appear to have a fighting chance–she does not, unless Obama has a complete meltdown.  I realize that she is hoping that will be handed to her on a silver platter.

My problem with the reporting is that all I saw and read was telling me she should win Pennsylvania by 7-12 points.  She won by 10, but all the reporting seem to indicate that she won by a landslide or that she somehow had pulled off another upset.

Look at MSNBC, they use Harold Ford, Jr as a panel person, he is a Clinton supporter but also beyond that he is the chairman of the DLC a group that is strongly behind Clinton.  I just thought that Obama had gained the lead and somehow lost it.  But all reports of the primary were as predicted, so where was the excitement?

Ok, I have a problem with the media reporting on this election cycle.  IMO, they are in the tank for Clinton.  To use Clinton supporters as neutral analysis is not giving the voter a good overall view of the campaign.    

CIA Acknowledges it has 7000+ Documents Related to Torture and Rendition

Just a quickie, because this seems like news to me.

From the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR):

For the first time, the CIA has acknowledged that extensive records exist relating to its use of enforced disappearances and secret prisons,” said Curt Goering, AIUSA senior deputy executive director. “Given what we already know about documents written by Bush administration officials trying to justify torture and other human rights crimes, one does not need a fertile imagination to conclude that  the real reason for refusing to disclose these documents has more to do with avoiding disclosure of criminal activity than national security.

The Stars Hollow Gazette

Late Night News

Iraqis see red as U.S. opens world’s biggest embassy

By Howard LaFranchi, The Christian Science Monitor

Thu Apr 24, 4:00 AM ET

“It is a symbol of occupation for the Iraqi people, that is all,” says Anouar, a Baghdad graduate student who thought it was risk enough to give her first name. “We see the size of this embassy and we think we will be part of the American plan for our country and our region for many, many years.”

The 104-acre, 21-building enclave – the largest US Embassy in the world, similar in size to Vatican City in Rome – is often described as a “castle” by Iraqis, but more in the sense of the forbidden and dominating than of the alluring and liberating.

Designed according to what are called the “Inman standards” – the results of a 1985 commission on secure embassy construction headed by former National Security Agency head Bobby Inman – recent embassies have been built as fortified compounds away from population centers and surrounded by high walls.

The $740 million compound – expected to cost more than $1 billion a year to operate – was originally expected to cost $600 million to build and was to open in September 2007. Design changes and faulty construction caused repeated delays.

But even the embassy’s opening may not be assuaging diplomats’ concerns about assignments in Iraq. Last week, the State Department warned that it may start ordering employees to serve at the embassy next year if more volunteers do not come forward for the 300 posts expected to open.

But wait!

Pony Party! The Internationale!

These are Billy Bragg’s updated lyrics!

writing in the raw: speechifying

It’s a roller coaster ride. A tumbling act. We let words loose to persuade, describe, exclaim, defame, refute, convince, lie, confuse, or clarify.

We take stands, have platforms, craft mission statements and credos, construct constitutions, and write theses and treatises. We’re busy alright. Conquering worlds with words… and sometimes the horizons explode. Sometimes all light is lost…….

VA’s Katz Should Leave Now, and Anyone Else Involved In Shirking Duty!!

I don’t need to add anything to the below, one: I’m not there, two: what’s below says it all, three: this Country put it’s Military Through All This Before to my Brother ‘Nam Vets and followed up with Every Deployment Since!

How many know what’s happening with the Gulf War I Vets!

Global Warming Ghettos!

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  For every ying there is a yang, for every neo-con there is a neo-lib.  When the global war of terror becomes unpalatable by the masses it’s replacement shall be the global war on your assumption of your right to use energy and maintain a modern lifestyle.  More people should own horses because it is the source of horse sense.

Anyway, this one is from Kurt Nimmo.  He speaks to the carbon tax scam well.  I have also openly told people here I work for a global company.  The company over a year ago started promoting future life scenarios that included “mega-cities.  I still view it as the delusions of a very small percentage of people who think it is their manifest destiny to screw up the lives of as many people as they can.  It is as simple as good vs evil so the best hope we have is that the electronic information grid will be the first casualty in the post modern world.

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