April 25, 2008 archive

Pony Party…T.I.T.S., A.S.S.

Thursday,  I  Think Strangely About  Serious  Shit!


Well! This is strange… doing TITS, ASS again…

I haven’t been, for a month of Thursdays….

I’ve been hung down, brung down & all kinds of mean, nasty, crazy things….

I’ve had the flu, the Nipah virus, the malingering grippe, & the Andromeda Strain!

I almost didn’t come back, just so I could see what I had next!

Luckily for me (& you!) I have an Great Friend nocatz

who stepped up to the plate…who was my pinch-hitter…

& did a damn fine job of it too, batting a thousand!

I’m thinking maybe nocatz should be the TITS,ASS man!?!!

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