April 27, 2008 archive

A Retrospective of the Bush Presidency in Haiku

did Bush “beat” Al Gore?

or did Jeb fudge the numbers?

Florida screwed us

Bush must stay healthy

or we go from bad to worse:

President Cheney

Bin Laden still free

while we flounder in Iraq

that’s Bush-league justice

the Katrina storm

was too much for Brownie

heck of a job?  pffffft!

Cheney went hunting

and shot his friend in the face

that’s how he treats friends

Sean Bell, RIP

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A Memorial To Sean Bell

I’m shaking my head at the verdict Judge Cooperman (without a jury) rendered yesterday in the Sean Bell murder case. I’m saddened and troubled.  I think I understand the roots of his acquittal verdict, and I think there has been an enormous miscarriage of justice in this case. Unfortunately, this kind of injustice probably should have been expected because of the way the law acknowledges and fosters police exceptionalism. The defense lawyers for the detectives knew it, and sought to benefit from it, and the prosecutors knew it as well, and didn’t try to block it.

Please join me in Kew Gardens.

Pony Party: Cat Show Photos

I went to a local “cat show” and I was taken a back for a moment when I walked in and saw rows of cages. I guess I thought they would all be hanging out on recliners like at my house. We have an awesome recliner that has heat, massage, and was actually made in America, and it looks comfortable. I can’t actually verify that because I am nervous about sitting in it. I don’t know what will happen if I do. The overlords might punish me.

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