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Sort of a slow Illuminati News day and it’s tax time.  I am like that when forced to do something so Satanically evil.  I don’t care so much about me but the baggage of people who love you prevents me from doing the best for all humanity.  I have to wonder what percentage of this $600 dollars is just a bribe so people won’t do the Ed And Elaine Brown thing!

Oh, and if you did file “electronically” you are endorsing the technology of Satan.

Another oxymoron, The “Freedom” Tower.  One of the things I do remember from that day was the faces of evil that showed up in the smoke.…

1776 feet of pure unadulterated crap.

Before you ever get there be ready to stand in line to get patted down, rectally probed and psychologically profiled from the NSA National database.…

New Hampshire Bill to impeach.…

It’s always a whack a mole day and even I get numbed by it all.

Oh, my sig line “Lord,shall I tack him up now.”   When I wrote that it was a question Lord, shall I tack(saddle up), him, the Apocalyptic horse now.  Some have interpreted that as tacking people up to the wall, I suppose that would work too!


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  1. saddle up whatever horses are available, AND tack up a whole bunch of people to the wall.

    Thanks for the links, Lasthorseman.

  2. and have for several years now.  I trust the IRS computers slightly more than the IRS people.  George W didn’t replace all the computers with right-wing models when he took office, right?

  3. and then Rusty and fort… oh.

    …hahahahahahah… to get patted down, rectally probed and psychologically profiled… hahahahahahahaha

    whack a mole… hahahahahahaha

    and rusty saddling up the horses… omg… i needed this.

    tip’d and rec’d.

    because really, how can we take these guys seriously? satan, george bush et al… they are silly, inane, and irrelevant. if we choose to see them that way.

    except when they try to stick a probe up yer butt…

    • Alma on April 9, 2008 at 4:37 am

    I hate tax time.  My Hubby has had the machine lately playing around to setup our old machine a certain way (that he thinks will be cool) to retrieve our old tax info for importing this year.  I miss my computer time!

    The only good thing about tax day, is the day after I get to have a party.

  4. The baggage is of our own foolish creation. That’s what we get for being perceived as nice.

    I going to buy some more crosses with my $600. I’m sick of ripping the evil down because I need the space to nail the next ones up.

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