Felt Like a Week

Took a half day yesterday because it was the first 70 degree day of spring.  There is something natural and primitive with horses that puts you in their time frame.  That is to say horses have no concept of time, maybe we should not be obsessed with it either.  Vacation is about a change.  Change of scenery, change of setting, but mostly change of mind.

We had to walk them down the road to get to the trail.  They both know it is not to be another boring ride in the field.  It is nice out and they want to go.  I must really confess to being a novice rider of horses.  Yes, I can stay on and Blue listens to me most of the time.  He is only five and a little better than greenbroke.  My daughter is behind me on JD, the twelve year old.  Entering the trail Blue is excited and wants to charge up the hill to a trail we have never been on.  The good part is that I am starting to read him as we go from the odd couple novice horse, novice rider to short lopes up and downhill.  We decided to try a new trail and he amazes me with another first, going through long patches of swampy water without protesting.

Our new trail turned out to be a shortcut back toward the house and not a three hour ride so two horses and the pony all got a bath.  After that it was pony rides for my fifteen month old grandson.  No, he didn’t want to get off.

Later it was steak tips and hot dogs from the grill, a first cookout with the whole family.  After dinner we get out the pony cart.

What it is, is different.  A half day of engineering stuff for Globo-corp ends with a half day of family, horses and the gleeful smile of my grandson.  Feels like I have been gone an entire week.

Just because the world is going to end doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself.  Stay balanced and get refreshed.  You may find you are in a better place in dealing with the next evolution of horsemanure sure to come down the trail.

Keep bitching and put off the Apocalypse, one day at a time.


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    • kj on April 12, 2008 at 2:40 am

    where is your tip jar?  🙂  

    • KrisC on April 12, 2008 at 4:48 am

    vacation from “GloboCorp”, everytime I see that psyeudoname, I have to laugh, it’s great!!!  

    It cracks me up.

    I love horse riding, I used to have a horse in high school…it’s a great feeling of man & beast conquering the differences and experiencing the same thing together.  Very peaceful.

    We had our first sunny spring day two days ago, I was out in the garden and the kids were at school, so I just really got to enjoy the sunshine quietly for a while-true peace.

    Yea Spring!!!

    thanks for the reminder horseman, trying to stay balanced!



  1. Beautiful diary, Lasthorseman!  I could rave, as a fellow horseperson who grew up riding everywhere.  

    Just because the world is going to end doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself


    English speaking Bible readers almost unanimously conflate the word earth (ge) with world (kosmos) and use them interchangeably.  But they are different words in Aramaic, with can have some overlap of meaning.  The key distinction:  “world” means the order of things (e.g. principalities, governments, world system, worldly enticements) where as “earth” definitively means terra firma, our planet.

    When Jesus said “Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth,” he meant earth as in terra firma…  and he meant it as a blessing.  Or why then call it a blessing to inherit what is to be destroyed?  No way could Jesus have meant “blessed are the gentle for they shall inherit the world.”  The world is the thing in opposition to God, so no way would it be a blessing to inherit it.  Babylon, banks, gummnts everywhere, and so on.

    In fact check out this use of earth/ge:  

    The nations were angry; and your wrath has come. The time has come for judging the dead, and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your saints and those who reverence your name, both small and great– and for destroying those who destroy the earth.”

    Those who develop theologies calling for the destruction of the earth – or call for the same (“bomb bomb bomb Iran” and so forth) are said to have hell to pay for it.

    Just sayin…

  2. Every spare, waking minute, from about 5 years old on, was spent on the back of a procession of horses. Shetland ponies first…cute but nasty dispositions. Welsh pony next, a little bigger, and way, way better disposition, common to the breed. On to thoroughbred race horse, quarter horse stud, and old smooth mouthed (teeth worn down smooth from age) quarter horse-thoroughbred half breed. I was a letterman in high school three years running…..in calf roping like you see in rodeos. Where I also rode saddle broncs, and bulls. Loved them bulls, absolutely loved them bulls!

    Such a wonderous, innocent time. Enjoy your days off cowboy, for you, as well as anyone, know what is over the horizon. And it won’t be Gene Autry singing “Home on the Range”, not for a while. More like “Ghost Riders in the Sky” by some crazed long hair metal band drooling blood.

    But Roy will sing, and Good Time Charlie (his real name by the way, by Chubby Duff out of a Waggoner mare.), my quarterhorse stud, will be nuzzeling my pockets for that apple again. And old Rip Tyde Smokey, old Rip my rope horse, will be sunning himself with one hoof cocked, head down, dozing away.


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