Fifth Graders Stand Against the War

The best part of this diary is going beneath the fold, because this time it’s all about the pictures . Yesterday I posted a report here on the demonstration against Bush and Henry Kissinger in rural Connecticut. In reviewing the fabulous photo album posted by Cornwall CT Iraq Moratorium stalwart Glenn Koetzer, I was struck and I was heartened by how many young folks were at the protest.

Then today, I found the Kids Against the War website and that really did my aging heart good. They’re a crew from the fifth grade class at the Fratney School in Milwaukee, WI. They’ve been participating in the Milwaukee protests observing the Iraq Moratorium on the Third Friday of every month all year, and now they’ve posted some photos and explanations of why they got involved.

Here’re a pair of pix, interspersed with thoughts by a couple of Fratney students in their own words:

MD#4 Milwaukee--kids

Hello my name is Natalie.

I think that the war is pointless because I know that one of the only reasons that the President wants the war for is oil.

Also to stop terrorists. But, I mean the people who did 9/11 weren’t the Iraqis. In fact, the person who planned 9/11 hated Saddam Hussein and Saddam Hussein hated him. So, it makes no sense.

I am in K.A.W because it makes me proud to stand up for what I believe in. Also I hate the war.

Way to many people innocent people have died and I’m not just talking about the U.S people but the Iraqis too.

This war has been going on for way to long and if we don’t do something about it the world will be out of our reach.

MD#3 Milwaukee--kids

Hello, my name is Rudy. I think that there should be no more war because a lot of solders and civilians are getting hurt and dying. They get hurt from bombs, machine guns and sometimes by tanks. Another reason I don’t like the war is that the United States government is spending a lot of money –billions of dollars–every minute.

That is why I am proud to be in KAW (Kids Against the War), we are organizing so no more soldiers or civilians get killed.


I feel like I should actually be quoting all of them, but I don’t want to tax the notorious DKos attention span–please check out the website these wonderful young’ns have working.


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    • dennis on April 27, 2008 at 6:46 pm


  1. I got up and stood by the window listening to the neighbor kids playing outside after seeing this.  The sun is shining with temps about 72.

    Thank You,  And their site is great.  

    Hope for the future–not just the political future–but the environmental future as well.

  2. Was this a cross post??  Because…

    I don’t want to tax the notorious DKos attention span-

    we at DD actually do like to tax our brains a bit.

    These shots and letters from kids are just wonderful!!

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