First Summer Cookout

Only April but it was 80 degrees out and nothing speaks suburbia like steak on the grill with the family.  The horses are fed and the paddock cleaned up and my grandson has plans for me.  He won’t be two unitl August.  He has a vocabulary of Mama, Dada and ball but with a smiling face and a tug on my pants he makes his intentions well known.

He leads me to the deck stairs, grabs my boots and then a water bottle from the table.  The wish list is complete as he stuffs the bottle into the mesh holder on the ATV.  I take it he does not want a ride, he wants an expedition.  Did he remember last summer?

More magic, magic in the innocence of children?  I seat him in front of me as his hand goes for the key, then the start button.…

Now I have you all wondering how I am going to relate this to my usual genre and how it’s not just a proud Grampy bragging.  He seems bright and has an outstanding personality for a kid not even two.  Well Mom and Dad have a well and it’s not flouridated water.……

I say well water mostly from my experiements with this.…

See we have town water.  Small town became small city over the years and the electrolysis of tap water makes the stainless steel electrodes brown up.


  1. Or, if you really believe that Oil companies killed the inventor of a water powered car and that fluoridated water is a commie plot.

    While fluoride hasn’t been proven completely safe, a vast conspiracy to promote fluoridated water has not been proven either.

    The water powered car is bullshit.  The electrolysis of water has been scientifically studied for many years and adding radio waves to the electrical input does not make it produce so much more H2 and O2 that a battery can run an electrolysis bank that can run a vehicle for 100 miles.  I heard Meyer’s explanation of his “discovery”, sounded like crystal-gripping nonsense.  The Second Law of Thermodynamics is still in effect.

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