Native America Go Home????

MEXICO CITY (AP) – The Absolut vodka company apologized Saturday for an ad campaign depicting the southwestern U.S. as part of Mexico amid angry calls for a boycott by U.S. consumers.

The campaign, which promotes ideal scenarios under the slogan “In an Absolut World,” showed a 1830s-era map when Mexico included California, Texas and other southwestern states. Mexico still resents losing that territory in the 1848 Mexican-American War and the fight for Texas independence.

But the ads, which ran only in Mexico and have since ended, were less than ideal for Americans undergoing a border buildup and embroiled in an emotional debate over illegal immigration from their southern neighbor.  [more]

150+ years’ worth of history of “owning” said land vs. tens of thousands of years’ historical habitation?  Which much of the US public insists those narsty NATIVE AMERICANS (whom Lou Dobbs et al refer to as “illegal aliens”) forget they ever inhabited?  OK…

DD folks, I write not so much to you as for you.  I realize people on this site overall have radically more excellent views of their fellow human beings than many in the US.  I hope what follows – our experience as recent Mexican immigrants – will be of use in your conversations up there with your fellow countrymen.

The happier ending to the story of Native America

After much visitation to inland towns/villages which are quite unlike border towns (slums) and tourist destination beach haunts (corrupts people every time), we can say one thing for sure:  most of the people we have seen in Mexico are Spanish in surname only.  The great majority don’t look Spanish at all.  

While statistics/schmatistics claim the majority are of mixed native/Spanish ancestry, this writer would remind the world that the Spanish are a white race generally of chiseled features, a narrow skull and scant cheekbone structure.

Hernando Cortez

Hernando De Soto

Native Americans, on the other hand, look – and behave – in very different ways.  


Red Cloud

Sitting Bull

Most of the people we meet – more than 99% – look more native American than Spanish.

The Spanish, by the way, were/are not keen on intermarriage with the native Americans they conquered.  Even if they’re called Mexicans.  They still tend to stand apart in Mexican society.  And… there are a whopping lot of blondes among the Spanish Mexicans we encounter.  The difference stands out.

While most of the US people admit of “native Americans” getting a raw deal, the same are taught by the media to curse Mexicans.  Legal and illegal immigrants alike are conflated into one great economic fear phantasm, scapegoating Mexico for the disintegration of the US economy (as if deregulating lending standards to put the US mortgage industry in hock for war borrowing had nothing to do with it).

These people who are the subject of hate emails throughout the US, I would have the public know, are native Americans.  Not to mention the people who grow, harvest and transport food to the collective US kitchen.  And clean toilets, houses, tend gardens etc. etc.  Indeed many are of some scant Spanish blood, but then so are many reservation Indians of mixed ancestry.  Would we then tell mixed ancestry US native Americans to leave their reservations?  I bet not.  So where does the US public get off, calling native people “aliens” and constructing border walls?

About that “immigration problem:”  it ain’t how the teevee sez.

One, statistics/schmatistics (OK, the local buzz down here) indicate that about 20% of the US Mexican workforce have forsaken the US.  The flow is heavier southward than northward.  Legal Mexican US workers are sick of being criminalized by the southwest’s police state mentality – and because of US animosity, this is frequently happening to legitimate immigrants.  We meet returnees all the time who say they wouldn’t venture northward again for a million bucks.  

Down here they return to a more happy, content lifestyle and their own land which they own free and clear courtesy of the Mexican Constitution, which by the way is a great read for contrast.  It makes liberal mention of such human needs as workers’ rights to organize, having a day of rest and alloting rights/lands to the people.  After a look at the Mexican constitution, I regarded the US constitution as primarily reactionary to imperialist industrialist tyranny.  The Bill of Rights indeed would regulate the rights of government and military during crisis, but not much provision addresses normal life issues.  Would that land ownership were a right, not something to slave for all one’s life!  We can vouch that this personal security makes for a gentler, more content people.  Mexico’s wars are a history of the people taking back the land from her conquerors, as opposed to the US story which has become an industrialist’s debt slavery dream come true and a corrupt search for rents (a mortgage, as we have learned, is not ownership free and clear).

Two, we often ask about those who “illegally” cross the great wall of Babylon to enter the US – why they would do so, while so much of Mexican society is content where they are.  We are consistently told the same thing:  the ones who come up from Mexico tend to be very ill-educated, and more often than not are in flight from a region troubled by CIA drug wars (see the so-called Iran-Contra “Affair”), or are actually not Mexican but rather citizens of other countries displaced by outrages wreaked upon Central America.

Not all Mexicans even want to be in the US, but to hear the MSM tell it, you would think they did.

Action Diary!

If possible, it would be an excellent vision quest for people of US reservations to visit Mexico.  It certainly ended better for the native people here.  These are the most loving, warm, content and mirthful people we have ever met in our travels around the earth.  Same goes for the community of DD:  come on down, we’re glad to help you get a look around and meet some of these dear people.  Not to mention seeing a pyramid or two and reminding oneself of just how long these folks have been on this continent in comparison with the immigrants of US society.

Chichen Itza



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  1. I’ve heard feedback (not here) to the effect that people are quite surprised to consider Mexicans as native Americans.  While it rings true, the reflection stuns them – a novel POV to many.

    Comments?  Has anyone come across much reading elsewhere to that effect?  Time to create a file!

    Muchos gracias!

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