one thing. if you want to change, then you will.

no more “what we need to do.” i’m done with that… no more needing. no more shoulding. no more coulding. no more.

it’s this::: WE CAN. simple.

we can and we will make the world better. because we want to. because we can. because, for us, it’s what we choose.


we are having a blog explosion here. the essays are incredible. hitting the next stage of this thing.

we are moving from what the theys do to us to what we can and will do to stop them.

today. is a day for our side. and…

it’s Robyn’s birthday. RiaD will host writing in the raw tonight at 9pm. i have a feeling it will be a special one.

bravo bravo bravo to just a few of those changing the game today:::









hey boss and OTB… it is the two of you and your force that brings all these powerful people together. it is the two of you who give them this vibrant platform.  


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    • pfiore8 on April 3, 2008 at 8:21 pm


  1. I have been very down this week. Thanks for the kick in the ass

  2. Until the National Election I am going to try very hard to tune out the hate noise. It has sapped my strength and I will not allow it anymore. Period.

  3. list….. should have also included:  pfiore8

  4. we are all going to get drunk and start telling one another how much we love and cherish one another. Not that I mind.

  5. I keep thinking there is more I should be doing.

    But then y’all do it first.

    I feel like the waiter at the Algonquin Round Table, lol.

  6. For some odd reason, Docudharma had a huge traffic spike yesterday. Normally we hover just below 1,000 visits. Yesterday, the site had nearly 4,000 visits. Very odd, indeed.

  7. the music business is filled with progressive people who share many of our ideals.

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