As in “only” Buchenwald, where a paltry 56,000 or so people lost their lives.

8,483 by gunshot… 1,100 by hanging… roughly 13,500 suffocating or starving in transport, stuffed into train cars like live-stock.

The rest worked to death or expired from typhoid, there bodies stacked in neat little piles.

Don’t believe me?

Here, let me show you the photos…

What’s wrong?

Why are you looking away?

It’s NO BIG DEAL, right?

It’s ONLY Buchenwald.

I mean, c’mon… they even had a zoo at Buchenwald.

Yeah. Yeah. Betcha didn’t know that?

Right outside the gates that housed the prisoners.

So as many drew their last breath… hoping against hope that someone like Barack Obama’s Great Uncle might show up and save them… they at least got to watch Nazi guards feed cheese and grapes and sweets to the bears.

How “monumental” a liberation could it have been if there were BEARS, right?

Hey, hey that gives me an idea! Maybe you could run an attack ad where you talk about how Senator Obama CLAIMED his family had a hand in freeing the prisoners of Auchwitz, but it was ONLY Buchenwald and then you could show a bunch of the images of the mass graves which were no doubt MUCH smaller.

Here I’ve got some of those images right–

Wait. Wait. Where are you going?

Don’t you want to look?

See if were Treblinka or Dachau I could understand why Senator Obama would mention it, but sweet, charming Buchenwald… what is he ever going on about?

We know that the average voter… Jewish voters specifically… have a grand tradition of rating the camps and only give credit if your family was part of stopping the big three.

This was not one of the big three so…

But, hey, while I have you here… do you really want to make a BIG ASS DEAL about this misstep because every time you bring up Buchenwald it does, in fact, highlight the fact that the Democratic Candidate for President is not only the descendant of crazed fire-breathing muslims from Africa, but also from at least one military serving American who was there to offer water and comfort to the fortunate (can one even use that word) souls who manage to survive a concentration camp.

Even if that camp was ONLY Buchenwald.


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    • RiaD on May 28, 2008 at 11:18 pm

    i don’t know whats happened 🙁

    could you give me a likn please?

    • RiaD on May 28, 2008 at 11:45 pm

    thank you jl (is it ok to call you that?)

    for putting this together for us

    and for being so patient with me!

    You’re the Best!


  1. thing….. Is it possible that not one outspoken (stupid)

    right winger thinks Obama’s mis-statement is the worst kind

    of mistake but that McBush’s not knowing the difference

    between Sunni and Shia is no big deal????  Yep, I guess

    that what happened 62 years ago and what is happening right

    now aren’t in the same league….. sigh

  2. How does one discern which was the worst camp or the better of the camps?  It was ALL human suffering of every nature and description imaginable — with the same end goal in mind!

    To attack Obama’s misnaming the particular Nazi camp is an effort to diminish the importance of the message period.  Memorial Day is a good day to recall the holocaust and an appropriate day to remind us of ourselves in the scenario.

    Trite, perhaps, but true!  Have you ever attempted to explain something of a personal nature, whether a just learned physical disease, ailment, or one of a mental nature, accrued from an experience and the so-called friend or recipient of your comments says to you, “Well, call me if there’s anything I can do for you?”  An example, of diminishment and dismissal of the importance of the original message.

  3. … here’s the thing.

    And I hesitate to even go into this all that much because I don’t think this “mis-naming” story is worth it.

    There are still survivors of the camps, many live in Florida … but the sufferings of those survivors have lasted generations in their families, up to the present generation.

    Within that culture, the names of the different camps are very important.  Because it’s an irrational thing, the idiosyncratic ways each survivor coped with what happened to them, it’s easy to exploit that very real culture (which I would venture to say is the Eastern European Jewish culture, one in which I was brought up).

    That’s what the Republicans are doing.  They are trying to fear-monger folks who have already been through quite enough, imo.

    And that, to me, is horrible.

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