Wexler Signs on as Bush Impeachment Co-Sponsor: Calls for Hearings (updated w/ video)

Update 2: Here’s the Video

From Congressman Robert Wexler (D-FL)

Dear Friends,

Our effort to hold the Bush/Cheney Administration accountable has taken another dramatic step forward. Last night, Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced the first Articles of Impeachment ever to be introduced against President Bush.  It includes, in total, thirty-five Articles detailing this Administration’s blatant abuse of power. Today, I enthusiastically co-sponsored this vitally important bill.

I am grateful for Dennis’ leadership on this issue and for the steadfast support that countless Americans have given to both of our efforts to redeem our government and expose the crimes of Bush and Cheney.

I will now expand my efforts to secure impeachment hearings in the Judiciary Committee for these new Articles of Impeachment against President George W. Bush.

Many of the charges against President Bush are well known – and would shock the conscience of everyday Americans if only the national media would be willing to report on these stark facts.

The Articles present a stunning narrative of offenses that have go well beyond previous crimes committed by any US chief executive.  In fact no President or Vice President in history has done more to undermine our constitution.

These charges are broad, with 35 separate allegations including the deliberate lies regarding WMDs that led us to war and the approval of illegal wiretapping of American citizens.  The Articles also include new allegations of high crimes – including the explicit approval for high Administration officials to violate treaties and US law banning the use of torture.

The Democratic Party gained a majority in the House and Senate due in large part to our promises to end the corruption of the Republican majority and to hold the Administration accountable to the law. This courageous bill is a crucial step towards fulfilling this promise, but – like the Articles against Cheney – they require your support to convince Democrats and open-minded Republicans to support this bold but necessary action.

Time is running out so we must work together to spread the message and apply pressure.

First, please encourage your friends and family members to sign up at WexlerWantsHearings.com – as it will allow us to keep in touch with you and speak to a wider audience.  If you haven’t yet put in your phone and address, please sign up again, as we will be doing telephone town halls in the near future.

Second, call your representative and urge them to support Impeachment hearings.

Finally, contact newspapers, news stations, and your favorite bloggers and urge them to report on this movement.  We need to keep Impeachment a significant news story until the Democratic leadership sees the value in it.

McClellan Agrees to Testify:

I was pleased to inform you yesterday that Judiciary Committee Chairman Conyers met my call to have Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan testify under oath.  I am thrilled to inform you that McClellan has agreed to testify on June 20th at 10AM.  This will be the first step in what we hope will be ongoing and deepening examinations of the stark evidence and charges against both President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

Thank you for your continued passion and advocacy.  Your support means so much to me.


Congressman Robert Wexler

A staunch and early advocate for Impeachment, Wexler introduced Articles of Impeachment against Dick Cheney last year, and currently has at least five House Judiciary Committee members signed on in support of hearings.

These are the 23 Democrats on the 40-member House Judiciary Committee.

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee

Hon. John Conyers, Jr. (D) Michigan, 14th

Hon. Berman (D) California, 28th

Hon. Boucher (D) Virginia, 9th

Hon. Nadler (D) New York, 8th

Hon. Scott (D) Virginia, 3rd

Hon. Watt (D) North Carolina, 12th

Hon. Lofgren (D) California, 16th

Hon. Jackson Lee (D) Texas, 18th

Hon. Waters (D) California, 35th

Hon. Delahunt (D) Massachusetts, 10th

Hon. Wexler (D) Florida, 19th*

Hon. Sánchez (D) California, 39th

Hon. Cohen (D) Tennessee, 9th*

Hon. Johnson (D) Georgia, 4th

Hon. Sutton (D) Ohio, 13th

Hon. Gutierrez (D) Illinois, 4th*

Hon. Sherman (D) California, 27

Hon. Baldwin (D) Wisconsin, 2nd*

Hon. Weiner (D) New York, 9th

Hon. Schiff (D) California, 29th

Hon. Davis (D) Alabama , 7th

Hon. Wasserman Schultz (D) Florida, 20th

Hon. Ellison (D) Minnesota, 5th*

* – signed on for Impeachment hearings

These are the key Congresspeople we need to target if we want to force our government and the media to fully address the flagrant criminality of George W. Bush’s mock-Presidency.

Take a good look at that list. There are a lot of really good Progressive names there who haven’t yet formally signed on. Let’s help these folks to finally say out loud what we know is in their hearts.

Oh, and if you want some extra special fun you can hound the 17 Republicans on the Committee as well:

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee

Hon. Lamar S. Smith (R) Texas, 21st

Hon. Sensenbrenner Jr. (R) Wisconsin, 5th

Hon. Coble (R) North Carolina, 6th

Hon. Gallegly (R) California, 24th

Hon. Goodlatte (R) Virginia, 6th

Hon. Chabot (R) Ohio, 1st

Hon. Lungren (R) California, 3rd

Hon. Cannon (R) Utah, 3rd

Hon. Keller (R) Florida, 8th

Hon. Issa (R) California, 49th

Hon. Pence (R) Indiana, 6th

Hon. Forbes (R) Virginia, 4th

Hon. King (R) Iowa, 5th

Hon. Feeney (R) Florida, 24th

Hon. Franks (R) Arizona, 2nd

Hon. Gohmert (R) Texas, 1st

Hon. Jordan (R) Ohio, 4th

Actually, it’s probably not a bad idea to start pressuring the Goopers.  After all, an Abstain from the Minority is just as good as a Yay for the Majority.  And with the Obama train getting ready to roll it’s Fifty state strategy straight into Coattail City, we just might find one or two Thug desperadoes worried more about their own jobs than Bush’s.

Support Congressman Wexler’s drive for Impeachment Hearings, so we can finally begin to hold George Bush and Dick Cheney accountable for their many crimes.

As he was quoted in the Sun-Sentinel:

A decision by Congress to pursue impeachment is not an option, it is a sworn duty. It is time for Congress to stand up and defend the Constitution against the blatant violations and illegalities of this Administration. Our Founding Fathers bestowed upon Congress the power of impeachment, and it is now time that we use it to defend the rule of law from this corrupt Administration.”

So true Congressman Wexler.  So true.

Update: From dharmasyd’s essay just below this one:

Just go do it!  Look up HOR Judiciary members and use the toll free numbers for Congress:




Thanks!  Go get ’em!


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  1. And be sure to sign up at: WexlerWantsHearings.com

    • geomoo on June 11, 2008 at 3:19 am

    This rolls right along with the impending impeachment process, NightOwl.  What will be before the committee?  The question is whether there is any possibility to suspect to wonder if perhaps the citizens of the United States of America, as represented by our Congress, can not rely on the fact that the laws are being actively obeyed.

    Yeah, we know it’s a long shot, but we suspect there is the teeniest of possibilites, should be take a little peep behind the line, there might be one or two minor things out of order.  Or perhaps a bit more.  Who cares how many or how serious, really, because just one problem area might worry us.

    Say hypothetically that it appears we can’t rely on the fact that the president will actively execute the law that prevents revealing the identity of a CIA agent of the US government.  That would be reason to impeach.  That would be a high crime.  The executive branch is charged with, surprise, “executing” the laws.  But even more than executing, taking care that the laws be executed.  This is a unique position and thus requires unique constitutional remedies for their breakdown.  Impeachment.

    If we impeach, what will be the remedy?  The flip side of the coin is that all we do is restore an executive branch who takes care to faithfully execute.  And not in the sense of Texas under Bush.  The rest is left up to criminal justice, after having restored faithful and active execution of the laws by the highest officer charged to “take care” of them.  Let the courts decide.  We want a country that works.

    So, if you think there is reason to believe we cannot rely on the execution of laws with George W. Bush as president, it’s time to impeach.

    BTW, it’s cold-hearted but it’s true, that simple incompetence is a very strong reason for impeachment.  I would say incompetence by definition guarantees that the laws may not be faithfully executed.

    This was supposed to be my diary.  Hope I didn’t go on too long.

    • RUKind on June 11, 2008 at 5:44 am

    It’s time to give the Hon. William Delahunt yet another nudge. Last time he explained that there were more pressing issues on the table. Personally, the only more pressing issue, after impeachment by the House and conviction by the Senate, is the war crimes trial in the Hague.

    These people deserve imprisonment. All of them. For.a.long.long.time.

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