“I’ve given up protesting” – Tony Benn

This is an audio from Marxism 2007 in London (Marxism 2008 took place in just the last week or so): http://www.radio-rouge.org/Use…

Benn was the last of the great Labour socialist leaders, though he never became PM.

His quote goes something like this:

“I’ve given up protesting.  Protesting is when you lost and don’t like how things are going.  I’ve taken up demanding.”

It’s within the first five minutes or so, and the rest (I’m listening to it as I type) is looking at what’s going on as far as the Left possibly taking power.

He says he bacame a socialist as he worked his way through the political system.  He learned it on the job!  He was terribly dissapointed to find out that Marx had already figured it out so long ago.

He makes the point a year ago that Barack’s raising so much money is a corruption of the democratic system (I’m sure he would point out that all of the money being raised is such).

You can listen to others from past Marxism conferences if you go here: http://www.resistancemp3.org.uk/

For those of you who may be skittish about listening to a Marxist/Socialist perspective, don’t be.  One of the ways you learn is to listen to differing points of view.  The key is to be able to compare what’s being said to what’s actually happening, and to be able to discern what is correct.

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  1. Also Ken Livingstone, who apologized last year for London’s role in the transatlantic slave trade.

    These guys know what they’re doing and are never afraid to get in the face of the fascists.

    Rather remarkable that electoral politics ever produced people like this.

    Where is the Red Tony of America? All we have so far is Pink Bernie.

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