WAR Powers

Putting them back where they belong comes from an Op-Ed written by James A. Baker III and Warren Christopher in the New York Times today, 7-08-08.

They led a bipartison group, the National War Powers Commission, they concluded:

the law purporting to govern the decision to engage in war – the 1973 War Powers Resolution – should be replaced by a new law that would, except for emergencies, require the president and Congressional leaders to discuss the matter before going to war.

They are right in their conclusion, for the 1973 resolution has been largely ignored, especially in the extreme failed policies we find ourselves in now.

But even if it were a tougher less questionable resolution, many thinking it’s Unconstitutional or at least parts of, I wonder if it would have even been forcefully upheld leading up to the debacles we created. Congress, at the time, was controlled by the same political party as the administration that wanted to abandon Afganistan and Invade Iraq, word was if there were meetings the other party leaders, in both houses, were left out. That congress didn’t do much in holding the nesscessary debates, the members were selling the administration line, word for word, and they didn’t set about the needed funding nor oversite for returning Veterans nor expectation of long term occupations, and that’s just a few of the oversites not carried out by a Congress that was supposed to be doing the Peoples work. Since than they have become Obstructionists in anything the administration wants them to block. Still towing the line for Politics not for Country, nor National Security!

Poll: Public wants Congress’s OK on war

Americans now as in the past 35 years think the president needs Congress’ OK before sending troops to war or bombing suspected terrorists, a poll indicates.

And most actually think that this administration got the consent of Congress to wage a Pre-Emptive War!

The AP has another quick report on this comissions findings.

I’m somewhat left a tad speachless that Baker is coming out with the requested findings, I lost respect for him and his personal goals a long time ago, but the Law does need a Total Overhaul and the powers of the Executive placed in Check when it comes to War especially.

And with all that has come out already the Country needs to follow what the Constitution Clearly States as to Accountability for Failed actions taken by the Executive Branch, from the President on Down to Congress!

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    • Temmoku on July 10, 2008 at 12:58 am

    Under this administration, there has been so much dissembling, subtrafuge and criminal actions that even the “hard-core” Conservatives are getting sick of it! This is not a return to better times but an opportunity to turn the coountry into a fiefdom of slave laborers for the selfish aggrandisement of the corporate elites who are obviousl more deserving than anyone else!

    ooops, I got carried away….but you get the idea.

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