A Marine Mom’s questions about Iraq

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The following is by Mary V. Horning the mother of a US Marine now on his second deployment to that country. Her inquiry concerned who is responsible for shoddy work done by contractors in Iraq.

Q. Who has responsibility for shoddy contracting resulting in electrocutions and fires on military sites in Iraq?  Where is the accountability?  Why are our servicemen and women risking injury and dying in showers and housing units in Iraq?

Q. Will Halliburton contractors continue to be awarded electrical contracts based on past sub-par performance?

Q. Will military personnel be compensated for their losses resulting from electrical fires and if so, at what percentage of their losses?

Q. Why are Marine troops currently in Afghanistan having their deployments extended?  Will Marine troops in Iraq be extended as a result of Marines originally scheduled to deploy to Iraq now heading to Afghanistan?

Q. With the same military units being called to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan on a repeat basis (with soldiers and Marines now spending more time out of country than in), what are the plans to reduce this burden on these military personnel?

Q. With studies showing that those military personnel serving repeated combat tours are much more likely to exhibit post-traumatic stress and other mental health issues, what is being done to address this growing problem?



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  1. for 8 am tomorrow.

    This is great.

  2. Short and truly bitter.  Thanks, Mishima, on the aniversary of 8/6/45.

    • pfiore8 on August 6, 2008 at 12:58 pm


    yeah. this is their strategy with EVERYTHING. they mean to de stabilize all our infrastructure in order to take control of it.

    this is not unlike the strategy that hoodwinked the Christian Right with promises of lots of funding and real movement on its issues.

    this is not unlike the promises made to Americans to keep them safe, even as they lose their jobs and homes. safe from whom? terrorists or carpetbaggers dressed in nice suits?

    we keep writing about it. and making lists. and they keep the blows coming.

    how do we stop this? i mean it. how do WE stop this? it’s more than voting. citizens need to take to the streets in massive protests. strikes. showing up at county buildings, state houses, and in Washington.

    we have to stop the bleeding from every orifice we have. our military. our personal lives. our health care. our jobs. our homes. our economy. our environment.

    how do we stop this? what do we do? even if it’s only the few of us. how do we stop it?

    • Mu on August 6, 2008 at 3:07 pm

    It used to notbe cool.  What a real leader would say:

    “I cannot prophesy the immediate economic effect of this new war on our nation but I do say that no American has the moral right to profiteer at the expense either of his fellow citizens or of the men, the women and the children who are living and dying in the midst of war in Europe.”


    “Fireside Chat”

    September 3, 1939 (the day Germany invaded Poland)

    Mu . . .

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