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The First Time

November 6, 2008 – 3 minutes

For the first time in eight years, the White House will have new tenants. And for the first time ever, the occupants will be African Americans. A crowd of people gathered at the White House on election night to witness history as it was being made.

The Stars Hollow Gazette

Well I’m sure you’re all excited about last night, but I must admit to being somewhat disappointed.

While we made a great deal of progress and had some successes, I’m not convinced the euphoria in some quarters (and fear in others) is entirely justified.

If only Obama were a hard core socialist, riding to the Village to pillage and burn the foundations of free market capitalism to the ground.  If only the communist Democratic Representatives were prepared to nationalize the means of production and place management in the hands of the workers, or at least not greedy conmen and thieves of proven incompetence.

Instead I listen to the Village drums pounding out the message of center right bi-partisanship peace.

No justice, no peace.

Here’s an acronym I’m going to be watching, a bell whether or not we’re going to get squat in terms of powder dry performance from the most craven and cowardly group of legislators ever to disgrace the halls of Congress (and frankly, that’s saying a lot)- EFCA.

Supposedly this is a first hundred days priority.

Now sometimes people misunderstand that I am all about electoral victory.  I am a politician and a community organizer.  I am an anarcho-syndicalist not a Stalinist.

Union building is community organizing and has in the past and could again be the institutional infrastructure of the Democratic Party, a permanent counterweight to the organizational abilities of the dominionist fundies AND the financial resources of the corporatists.

You know, not to mention that it would be good for the economy, build the middle class, break down some of the wealth disparity, act as a break on outsourcing.  Little things.

So it just makes sense on multiple levels, but these are Democrats and unlike Wall Street buccaneers they’re more frequently fearful than greedy.

America is Blue, Baby!

DKOS Version: Debunking RedState America -v.2008.  

cartogram America




(Credit: University of Michigan)

What happened to this map?????  All is answered after the fold!

(Hint: It’s Cool Map thingy time! 😉 )

A Preemptive Strike-Reply for a Post-NeoCon World

(I’m traveling tomorrow, overseas.  I’ll be out of touch all day, and that’ll be a damn shame, as I love this place.  So I decided to post this now, and see if anyone liked it.  I wrote this exactly 2 years ago tomorrow, just after the midterms, because I felt we were going to win big in 08.  We had to win.  And I needed to be prepared, or something like that.  I’d forgotten about it until today when I heard Rove the pundit blathering nonsense to the ‘faithful’.  Neocons for some odd reason still believe they have relevance, still believe they hold power.  This is how I envision dealing with them.  Their mouthpieces, their valued pundits…well, they’re another story.)


My name is ___.

I know you.  

You know me.

The passage of time and our mutual close proximity to each other on the job is what makes that possible.

That and nothing more than that.

(This is an intervention)

I think we can agree that we have known each other for quite some time now.

For your part I know what you think of me, and have actually, many times, brought yourself to speak out loud the “L” word and send it my way.  It has been your highest insult, and I’ve always thanked you for the sentiment.

Because it’s true.

Manning Marable Talks About the Future

I first encountered the work of the radical intellectual Manning Marable in the mid-1970s when he was sending out his self-syndicated newspaper column (for free) to alternative newspaper editors and publishers. Those columns were always deep, thought-provoking and erudite. Marable is now Professor of Public Affairs, History and African-American Studies at Columbia University, is writing a book about Malcolm X and is chair of the Movement for a Democratic Society, the non-profit arm of the revivified Students for a Democratic Society, having always combined activism with his prolific scholarship. I’ve always admired him for his calm but principled approach to progressive politics, an approach that analyzes without blinders. My favorite book of his is W.E.B. Du Bois: Black Radical Democrat.

He endorsed Barack Obama in January. Like many of us left-progressives, he is glad of Obama’s victory and cautiously optimistic about the chances that his administration will truly transform politics in America. But he is clear-eyed about it and knows full well the many pitfalls that lie ahead. Today he was a guest on Democracy Now. Here are some excerpts from his interview:  

Republicans still don’t “get it”

After 8 long years of our country being run into by President Bush, six years of which were with a Republican dominated Congress, our country can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Of course, there are still some GOP spinmeisters, politicians, “Conventional Wisdom” village media voices, and supporters who still don’t “get it”.

If we won, why am I crying?

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Hurray, Senator Obama is now President-Elect Obama.

Hurray, John Boccieri is now Congressman-Elect Boccieri.

Hurray, Larry Kissell is now Congressman-Elect Kissell.

Hurray, What’s-is-name in Cincinnati is now Congressman-Elect What’s-is-name (I guess I should look that up again)

California passed … narrowly, but it passed … Proposition 1A for a High Speed Rail system, including $950m for funding non-HSR systems to connect into the HSR system, helping set up the possibility of leap forward into a more sustainable, more Energy Independent future.

And I’m crying.

Pony Party: Stand Up Folks

Liberal Viewer offers this SNL clip (there’s a link to the full sketch at the end of the YouTube):

The Pony Party is an Open Thread.  Please do not Rec the party!

US elections: Welcome to the “School of the Democrats”

Original article, by John Peterson, via Socialist Appeal (US):

The U.S. has elected a new president. On January 20, 2009, Barack Hussein Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. Along with the dramatic turn in the economic situation, this marks a definite turning point in the history of the country and of the world. On the streets across the U.S., you can feel a collective sigh of relief. Tens if not hundreds of thousands of people are on the streets of New York, Chicago, St. Louis and San Francisco, many of them dancing and even crying with joy. Young people drive by or ride their bikes through the streets yelling “Obama!” at passersby. Some have likened the celebration to New Year’s Eve, and people’s faces – especially young people and African-Americans – are glowing. These scenes have been repeated around the world, as frustration against Bush’s policies is unleashed. The world has not been a very pleasant place for the last 8 years.

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