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The Last Picture Show

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[The Last Picture Show was a 1971 film depicting the decay of small town America. It took place in the fictitious town of Anarene, Texas.]

We hear a distant tune reminiscent of America’s high and lonely places and the sound of a dry wind blowing. It’s March 2010 in the tiny West Texas town of Anarene. Nothing much happens here any more. The last business shut down a couple of years ago. It was a cement plant that went broke after the housing bubble burst and the banks stopped lending. The kids out of high school drive their jalopies from one end of Main Street to the other past boarded-up storefronts.

Dow 6000, Part II

A Stars Hollow Gazette

2/18 Wednesday +3.03 7,555.63
2/19 Thursday -89.68 7,465.95
2/20 Friday -100.28 7,365.67
2/23 Monday -250.89 7,114.78
2/24 Tuesday +236.16 7,350.94
2/25 Wednesday -80.05 7,270.89
2/26 Thursday -88.81 7,182.08
2/27 Friday -119.15 7,062.93
3/2 Monday -299.64 6,763.29

Well folks here it is.

Now unlike some commentators (Jim Cramer) I don’t blame Obama except to this extent- why the fuck is he listening to Tim Geithner and Larry Summers and not Paul Krugman and Nouriel Roubini?  Or even Jim Baker- yes that one.

Jim Cramer says we have to delay the reforms in Obama’s forward looking budget (the one Krugman likes very much) until Wall Street stablizes.


Fuck Wall Street.  They just want to keep running their leveraged Ponzi schemes.  They whine and whine that there are no sure investments.  Get a fucking job and work for a living losers!

We can’t afford a Carbon Tax?  We can’t NOT afford a Carbon Tax unless you’ve suddenly grown gills Jim.  You think Obama’s a socialist who’s been studying Lenin’s bank seizures?  Let me have a crack at it.

You’d be lucky to be living in a car under a bridge again Jim.  I’d put you to work digging ditches.

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