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I’ve only ever hit anybody twice.

That is I did it the two times.

Oddly enough it was the same guy, in the same spot, for the same reason.

And it had exactly the same effect.

The first time was in third grade.  He was an asshole bully, which was kind of odd considering he was a four eyed fat kid or maybe it was an expression of that, whatever.

He pushed me too far and I popped him one right between the eyes and broke his glasses.  Game over dude.

He tried it again in fifth grade, idiot.

Now of course I’m much more grown up and sophisticated.  Hitting someone in the head is stupid, you’ll break your hands unless you use a tool like a two by four.  You should aim for the kidneys or kick them in the groin.

But best of all is to back off and plot your revenge in private.

Then serve it cold.

Pony Party: Caption This!


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