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A medley of items from a vision atop the Apocalyptic Horse.

UPDATE: Bilderberg Meeting is early this year!


Is Tim Geithner Treasury Secretary of the United States or is Tim Geithner Treasury Secretary of the Council on Foreign Relations?  In several of these news photo ops Tim sits confidently behind that blue wall right next to the Council on Foreign Relations logo.  It is after all quite a different background from the usual pristeenly folded multiple American flags seen behind Obama.  And yes, I did find the picture!!…

Next up comes from Project Censored.  Their voting list on stories of the year is up.  Two categories which are of course giving me great tribulations.  I just can not decide.  One is Junk Food News.…

The other is News Abuse.…

Is there a difference here?

From the stories outlined in News Abuse I can point to two that are not abuses but very highly valued “mistakes”.  Let us take Obama’s Blackberry as one.  Well OK, if the pResident has to have a six thousand dollar Crackberry because IT is NOT SECURE then the one you peasants use is what?

Next up is CNN’s use of holographic technology which was most excellent!  Finally a release to the general public of some advance of technology countering the ten years of technological information lock down in this country.  Yes, that would be a seperate book based upon my 22 years in R&D at “Globo-Corp”.

As to all the rest of these “news” stories?  These are the things I take great pains to erase from memory thus cleansing my spirit of.  Periods of exposure to this Satanic crap are countered with trail rides, playing with my two year old grandson and or taking it up with the spirit guides.  Themes like the Stanford Prison Experiment come up.

Or the name Jose Delgado.…

I have to write Project Censored and suggest they team up with the psych department for a more complete analysis of “The News”.

Ok, on to the News Abuse category.…

From this I can choose one hero story.  The Iraqi shoe thrower, as this man has given the world a symbolic protest method to be used by future generations of pissed off peasants everywhere.  The other crap,mindless celebrity must take a spiritual bath after does not even justify comment but the Obama psy-op is broken up into several categories.

Is Obama black enough.  Obama’s pastor problem and of course Obama can’t bowl.

Again since many of us did not actually live in that period of time in which specifically black vs white civil rights issues reached the peak of a gaussian curve a new generation NEEDS to be REMINDED of such facts.

Octomom,OJ,Rush, Joan Benet and the rest?   Aaaaaammmmmmmm,breathe in, hold, exhale slowly.  Face the morning sun and let it’s growing warmth flow through your body.  You are after all far better and way above the evil that comes out of think tanks, I hope.

Another CFR primer.


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    This “stock” should rise.

    • Edger on March 26, 2009 at 4:11 pm

    is Treasury Secretary of his friends on Wall Street. His Capo got him the job.

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