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One of my relatives on the other side of the political spectrum forwarded an email to me from a group called the American Family Association (why oh why do these folks have to usurp such a nice concept like “family” and twist it into indecipherable political contortions?). Seems that they’re trying to do a writing campaign to the White House to force President Obama to backtrack on his rescinding the Bush administration’s rule that would allow doctors or hospitals to deny people health care if their religion trumped the need of the person standing in front of them asking for help.

Here’s the text of the email:

According to several news agencies, President Barack Obama will rescind the “conscience rule” that protects health workers who refuse to participate in abortions or other medical procedures that go against their moral and religious beliefs. If the rule is rescinded, doctors, nurses and other health care workers could lose their jobs or be punished professionally for adhering to their sincerely held religious convictions. Obama’s proposal would take away their religious freedom.

The current rule empowers federal health officials to cut off federal funding for any state or local government, hospital, clinic, health plan, doctor’s office or other entity if it does not accommodate employees who exercise their right of conscience. It applies to more than 584,000 health care facilities.

The Obama administration is doing the bidding of pro-abortion advocacy groups who seek to penalize health care providers who refuse to participate in abortions.

According to The Washington Post, Obama administration officials stressed that the proposal will be subject to 30 days of public comment. That is why it is so very important for you to let the White House hear from you today.

and here’s the link to their website with their action alert:…

For those of us who support the President’s actions in this matter, I have a challenge for you. The White House is going to receive a lot of boilerplate emails from these folks and the religious right is going to run around touting the “great response” they received.

However, as my fellow activists know, one well-written, original letter counts far more than 10 boilerplate copies. Therefore, I would like to challenge everyone who reads this post to send a quick note to the White House and thank President Obama for protecting women’s health.

Here’s the link to contact the White House:…

Let’s thank our President.


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    • Alma on March 4, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    I usually just delete those emails from the otherside.  Never thought about bringing them here to counter them.

  1. they try to be the voice of God, a concept that is really open to interpretation, and a well known unwilling supporter of sides that claim ‘his’ support. Their convictions are personnel and religious and why should they be able to apply these to the people who seek medical help? How many letters must we write for democratic principles established centuries ago. Obama surely will not empower these cranks. We are not at these fundamentalists mercy we are a democracy founded on the separation of church and state. Oh I forgot we still have to battle these assholes who lost the culture war. Why?      

  2. hack the site and change their link to some other name, such as or something.

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