Pigs on Wall Street Squealing

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I read this statement this morning and I just shook my head:

Dimon of New York-based JPMorgan this month called on government officials to stop demonizing Wall Street, saying “it’s just hurting our country at this point.”

When I hear the constant vilification of corporate America, I personally don’t understand it,” Dimon said in a speech earlier this month hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington.


I bet you don’t Mr. Dimon.  But working people losing homes and jobs sure do.

We need more vilification of corporate America, not less.

We will never have change in this nation until we admit the problem is a system that places profit over people.

I do not think we will see that soon, not even people AND profits.  Just a softer and gentler version of Profit over People.

After weeks in which the White House was often sharply critical of excesses at financial companies, the president wants to adopt a more collaborative approach.

We’re reliant upon them to help rebuild our economy,” said senior adviser Valerie Jarrett. “It would be very unnatural if we didn’t engage them and have a direct opportunity to pick their brains and look to the future.”


Which side am I on?  Workers over investors.  Labor over capital.

In 1931, coal miners in Harlan County were on strike. Armed company deputies roamed the countryside, terrorizing the mining communities, looking for union leaders to beat, jail, or kill. But coal miners, brought up lean and hard in the Kentucky mountain country, knew how to fight back, and heads were bashed and bullets fired on both sides in Bloody Harlan.

It was this kind of class war — the mine owners and their hired deputies on one side, and the independent, free-wheeling Kentucky coal-miners on the other — that provided the climate for Florence Reece’s “Which Side Are You On?” In it she captured the spirit of her times with blunt eloquence.

Mrs. Reece wrote from personal experience. Her husband, Sam, was one of the union leaders, and Sheriff J. H. Blair and his men came to her house in search of him when she was alone with her seven children. They ransacked the whole house and then kept watch outside, ready to shoot Sam down if he returned.

One day during this tense period Mrs. Reece tore a sheet from a wall calendar and wrote the words to “Which Side Are You On?” The simple form of the song made it easy to adapt for use in other strikes, and many different versions have circulated.


The same war is going on today.  We constantly are asked in our lives, which side are you on?  I know which side I’m on.

That’s why I came to docudharma to write diaries.  I did not fit among the faux progressives who bow to investors.


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    • TomP on March 27, 2009 at 2:37 pm

    for much more vilification of corporate America

  1. town hall yesterday and was appalled. It was like listening to Clinton when he touted his Globalization, New World Order. Out sourcing will continue, high skills jobs for all, employer based heath care, all the same bs as his predecessors.  His whole economic team is hooked to Goldman Saks, who will it seems regulate their fellow pirates.. I read he got 1 million in campaign contributions from GS.  Very depressing. Today I turn on the computer and were going to pump up the war in Afghanistan. I know which side I’m on. The side that lives in the real world. The side that doesn’t run/own Goldman Saks, Halliburton or Monsanto. Each new administration seems to come with a corporate sponsor one that wrecks the country and the reorders it to make a killing, literally.          

  2. I was happy to hear Keith Olberman’s “comment” this week where he called for “busting the trusts”.  We need to break up big banks, big oil, big AG, and big media.  He actually called for breaking up of big media and cable companies.  Yes, that’s one of the first things we need to do. because people are getting only propaganda on TV and radio.  

    All these televised events of Obama’s are staged.  Rather than “bringing his message directly to the people”, he is indoctrinating them. He is managing them.  And the press is complying.   This is dangerous stuff.  

  3. http://www.alternet.org/workpl

  4. Eventually they themselves inevitably bow to the great equalizer.

    Mother Earth is very socialist. To each according to his needs… so long as his needs are 6 x 6 x 8.

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