Howard Zinn On Creating A Movement To Pressure Obama

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Particularly relevant following the recent revelations of President Obama’s DOJ under Eric Holder betraying Obama’s campaign promises to instead embrace the Bush administrations claims for immunity and “states secrets” in the case of clear FISA violations and illegal wiretapping, in part three of a series of interviews historian, political scientist, social critic, activist, author and playwright Professor Howard Zinn talks with Real News CEO Paul Jay about why so many people seem to be convinced that Obama is anything more than what he appears to be given his actions and policies implemented since inauguration, and about how to create a mass popular movement to pressure Obama for progressive results in a supportive way, and concludes that social turmoil is not only not bad but necessary if it leads to something good in the sense of creating real change.

Real News – April 10, 2009

Send a message to Obama

Howard Zinn: Social turmoil is not bad if it leads to something good


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    • Edger on April 11, 2009 at 2:53 am

    Time to turn up the heat?

  1. but this should be required viewing to all those that post “STFU and don’t criticize Obama” diaries.

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