‘Obtaining’ A New Torture Poll

Does anyone here know anything about the polling process?

The last poll we have on the general subject is this one…

Poll: Most want inquiry into anti-terror tactics

From February 12, 09. Which was well before all of the most damning evidence was revealed. We need new polling, good polling, specific polling.

The press, lol, has now started asking questions, which eliminates the need to pressure them in the campaign we had just gotten started on. So until their short attention span fades and we need to prod them again….

I propose we center our action based efforts on getting a new poll.

I see three ways to ‘obtain’ a new poll.

1) A pressure campaign on polling companies.

2) Fundraising to commission a poll.

3) LOL, pressuring Daily Kos to use their polling service to do it.

What think thee, Dharmaniacs?


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  2. no idea on the poll thing. but I vote, yes get a new one somehow.

    cha-ching…two cents.

  3. I think we could start by asking Gallup & USAToday to rerun the poll you linked above.  

    The reporter on the USAToday article is Jill Lawrence. Her email addy is: jlawrence@usatoday.com

    From Gallup’s FAQ

    I would like to hire Gallup to do some polling. How can this be done?

    The most efficient way to contact Gallup about conducting research is by filling out a contact form. Sarah Van Allen, Gallup’s chief worldwide contact, will get back to you regarding any business matters.

  4. but I haven’t seen this posted here at DD and it relates to your statement about the press asking the questions.

    I have never been a fan of Paul Begala…but he nailed it!!!!!

  5. is there a ceiling mouse?!?

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